About myself – Week 1 Assignment

Hi all! Here is some information about myself!

My short biography

My name is Amanda Lee and I am an Interactive Media student in the school of Art, Design and Media. I have a passion in exploring the quirky and interesting aspects of life by linking psychological concepts with physical elements, creating works that invoke the 5 senses to enable maximum exposure of the work to my audience. Interactivity, execution and audience reactions are aspects that I take note of when i am creating an artwork and i make sure that the audience not only has fun, but also have takeaways from the conceptual side of the work. In order to execute that, I have worked with a variety of software, such as TouchDesigner and Processing. These softwares help to create mesmerising works that are whimsical and light-hearted, yet thought-provoking to the audience.

The slides for my self introduction and works can be found here!

My resume can be accessed here!


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