In-Class Exercise: Soundwalking



For this soundwalk, Jia Rong and I decided to take the sounds of how we interact with the different facilities of ADM.

My favorite clip from the soundwalk would be the one where I recorded Jia Rong eating a packet of almonds (Sound 8). There is a contrast between the sharp crunch of her biting an almond in half and the constant soft sound of her chewing a few almonds. In addition, the rustling of the packet and the opening of the ziplock on the packet is extremely loud as compared to the silent background, thus providing a form of emphasis.

This experience has provided me a more detailed perspective of how we perceive hearing and listening. What we usually hear as daily white noise of us interacting with the facilities of ADM has become sounds that we chose to listen to when we started to record and pay more attention to the little details of each sound. It was fun and enriching at the same time 🙂

Author: Amanda Lee

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