Micro-Project 3: Together-Split

F U L L  V I D EO here

B L O O P E R S here

For this micro-project, my group and i did a story about the travels of a coin across ADM, using Instagram’s video call split-screen function. The objective of our video was to document a coin travelling from different screens and ending up in each member’s hands at a certain point of time. Having only an hour to do the activity, there was quite a lot of time constraint, thus our video did not turn up as smooth as we expected. Nonetheless, it was a good job done and the coin still flowed between each screen.

C H A L L E N G E S  F A C E D
  • Coordinating each other’s movements and timings through the video call as each of us were at different venues of ADM.
  • The receiving of our messages and instructions were sometimes delayed due to connection issues, which affected our overall flow
  • The overall planning of how the coin flows from one screen to another and deciding the order of which we must be placed on the video call.
  • Despite how smooth or fast recent technology has advanced to be, if we could not connect and coordinate within this virtual space, nothing could be achieved. Thus, beyond the advantages that technology provides, a good sense of teamwork is still required to make this work a success.
  • Using a virtual space to create a story is actually harder than i expected it to be, as we had to deal with electronic interruptions and connectivity issues
  • As we are so used to having face-to-face interactions and doing physical works that are physically interactive, we are actually not as adept with technology as we think we are, and in order to create fresher and more virtual works, we must embrace this technology and its challenges.
O V E R A L L  E X P E R I E N C E
  • All in all, it was a very fun project and I would like to try works that involves this kind of unfamiliar medium


O U T  O F  T H E  3  M I C R O  P R O J E C T S,
1. which project did you feel you had the most creative control? Why?

I felt that micro-project 2 allowed me to have the most creative control, as we had the freedom to create any content about any topic we want, as long as it is on a crowd-sourcing platform.

2. which project had the most unpredictable outcome? Why?

I felt that micro-project 3 had the most unpredictable outcome, because we were not familiar with the split-screen function, and was not sure how smoothly our story will flow out, due to unexpected challenges such as connectivity and order of screens.

3. which project best illustrates the concepts of DIWO & OpenSource? Why?

I felt that micro project 2 best illustrates the concepts of DIWO and open-source as using crowd-sourcing techniques meant that our audeince had to take part in our artwork, thus incorporating DIWO. Also, the fact that we used 1 social platform to execute our artwork meant that our audience had to congregate to that social platform to answer our questions, thus incorporating open-source.