In this micro project, Charmaine, Mun Cheng and I explored the various functions of Instagram’s story page to test out how people answer our questions. We went with the theme of asking about how people feel and if they were willing to share about their day. We used Instagram question, Instagram poll and Instagram live to gather our crowd, which was our followers from each of our accounts. The willingness to participate or answer our questions depends on how convenient it is to access these functions, and the level of privacy in which they are able to share their problems on a social platform. Instagram live provides the most viewers, as there would be a notification of the person going live to each of her followers, however, the comments and answers that participants give on the live would appear on the screen for other viewers to see as well, thus eliminating the privacy part. For question, there is more privacy as answers that participants give can only be viewed by the owner, and it is the owners choice to share that reply in public. For poll, the privacy is the same, but there is less flexibility of options to what the viewers can choose. However, there is a choice for the viewer to decide to privately message the owner to share his or her problems.

Instagram question


Some people replied by clicking the question button and their replies only appear on our story feedback page (which we can only see), while some people personally messaged us to tell us more.

Instagram Live

Full video here

We had control of the type of questions to ask and what our topic was for our Instagram audience. However, we could not control the degree of authenticity in the answers given to us by our audience and that we may not know who is sincere or not. There is a constraint towards the topic as it only centers around how they feel about their day and can only talk about events that happened to them. There are 2 ways at looking at how a limited interaction will strengthen or weaken our results. If we had limited our functions to a live session, we would have gathered many viewers to one platform, but it limits the authenticity and length of replies through the live comment session. However, limiting the interaction by using a questionaire could have gathered more lengthy replies, and hence a better understanding to why that person is feeling this particular emotion today.

In addition, as compared to a crowd-sourced work created by a single artist, using 3 accounts on the same social platform provides a larger reach towards our different followers and the flexibility to use the different functions at the same time.


Micro-Project 1: Creating the Third Space

In this micro-project, we were tasked to take photos of spaces or objects in ADM that are meaningful to us, and post it on our Instagram feed, with the tag ‘#1010adm’.

My Image, captioned 'The Beginning'


The Beginning – photo taken at ADM level 1 entrance near the bus stop
  1. Why did you choose this space or object to photograph?

I chose this space because it was the exact place where I started my ADM journey as a freshman. Being from junior college where lessons were mundane and rigid, I did not know what to expect of university and the lifestyle there. Stepping through those doors to ADM for orientation was the point where I realised that this is the start of something new. At that point of time, that space was the area where I met my first friend in ADM and had a lot of fun during orientation. Since then, those doors became a place that hold different memories for me, whether it was rushing to lessons or casually walking in with friends, and its the same doors that I exit to return to the comfort of home. That space, although empty looking in the picture, was a place full of memories of my first encounter with university life.

  1. What are some of the characteristics of this alternative virtual space you have created collectively?


  1. Under what circumstance will this alternative virtual space change?

Presence of people, when the purpose of this hashtag is changed, if other pictures of other locations other than ADM appears.

  1. How does this project relate to what we discussed in the lecture regarding co-creation, the concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-With-Others (DIWO)?

DIY: The fact that the place or object I chose is personal and may only be meaningful to myself (in terms of memory, experiences, etc.)

DIWO: The use of Instagram as a social platform and hashtags as a function in this platform to spread your personal message to others and probably create different reactions from other users who may have thought of the same place (through comments) – and giving encouragement for others to post different areas of ADM (peer pressure). Getting users to communicate and give new perspectives through one virtual space.