[Sketches] – Type Bot, FollowMe Bot & Wind Bot

Typebot Ideas and Sketches

Idea 1 – Music type bot

Concept: To create a bot that plays the piano or some songs that are pre-programmed.

Idea 2 – Autoreply bot

Concept: Typebot that generates and types autoreplies to emails that you dont want to reply.

Follow Me Bot Ideas and Sketches

Idea 1 – The puppy bot

Concept: A bot that is consisted of a webcam strapped onto an electronic car. The car will produce different actions depending on the gestures giving by the user, which is identified by the webcam.

Idea 2 – The fishing bot

Concept: A bot that imitates the movement of the human arm. A webcam is placed beside it and it senses the movement of a player’s real arm, which is corresponded to the robot, which has the rod to catch fish from a fishing toy. This is to create the illusion of caching something without actually catching it physically.

Wind Bot Ideas and Sketches

Idea 1 – The slap bot

Concept: A bot that has a plastic hand attached to it, and uses natural wind data to behave. It can also be programmed manually using a webcam (flexible for changes)

Idea 2 – The clapper bot

Concept: A collection of hand clappers attached to servo motors. The clappers react to the natural wind data and produce a symphony of applause.