Thoughts on: Singapore Heritage Light up Singapore Event

I went over to the Light up Singapore event at the Central fire station and Armenian Church.

What is it that is being communicated?

I’d have to say the solidarity of each building and its significance to Singapore’s heritage and history. At the same time, the identical colours that each building was lit up in showed harmony and togetherness, emphasising that these historical landmarks, together, made Singapore what it is today.

What might the “curators” have to consider to plan such a transformation?

They would have to plan the choice of architecture to have the lighting, as well as the accessibility of these locations that would attract the masses. The permissions for this colour and the symbolism of these lights in contrast with the symbolism of the building itself were also essential.

What alternate ways could YOU imagine transforming these sites to communicate something unique or unknown about Singapore culture?

Some ideas include:

  • Projection mapping of historical events revolved around the building
  • Having AR reactions through a phone app when the camera is placed on the building (the building comes to life, or characters related to its history pops out from the building)
  • Using sounds of iconic moments that happened at the site to surround the site parameters

Author: Amanda Lee

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