3D Project 2 Process-Study Models

Study Model 1

(Front of study model)


(Back of study model)

At first, I wanted to do a square that will slowly stretch out to become a circle. However, as I used the thread to connect from one end to the other, I realised that I could make a cross. Thus, I wanted to make that cross to look as if it is suspending in the air, so I connect my threads from the ends of the square to the other end in order to make a cross that stretches out.

Study Model 2

(Right side of study model 2)

(Top view of study model 2)

(Left side of study model 2)

I thought of making something more interesting such as an infinity shape so that it will have a wave like effect. However, as I finished cutting my shape, I bent it, thinking that I could achieve a wave like effect when it actually look more like an underwater creature. Furthermore, the lines that I have sewn inside looks very narrow and it cannot be seen from afar. The lines are not even prominent and because of the space inside, there seems to be a lack of three dimensional effect towards this model. The lines are not even suspended in the air. Thus, I have chosen to go back to my first study model.

Study Model 3



I decided to go back to my first study model after knowing that my second study model did not work out well. So, by noticing the cross from the first study model, I realised that I could use this cross and stretch it even further from one end to the other opposite end so that I could give an overall three dimensional effect to my final work and my cross can be stretched out from a big cross to a smaller cross so that there will be a sense of perspective from different angle.

3D Project 1



Before I started making a pig, I actually had another animal in mind that I would like to do. I wanted to make a rabbit using the two pairs of shoe which I bought front eh flea market. The shoe would be the base and I was intending to use a water bottle to be the rabbit’s back spine curving in.

However, during class, I realised that I could not make a rabbit because of the shape of my water bottle is not curved enough. Furthermore, I wanted to use aluminium foil to wrap around the shoe so that the rabbit will be white. However, I realised that I did not bring enough aluminium foil.

Thus, I looked at the shape of my water bottle and realised that it is more round and it forms the shape of a pig as I cut it. With the aluminium foil I had, I wrapped it around the transparent bottle so that the pig would be seen much clearer and more prominent. I also used the cap of the bottle for the nose and the tip of the shoelace as the eyes. The springs were thought to be for the tail because I was thinkng of an iconic image of a pig’s tail which would be like a spring. In order to use lesser materials, I made use of the spring for the pig’s legs, at the same time, the pig is able to become more prominent from afar.

2D Research for Forest Gump

” Adventure is out there!” Ellie, Up
I find this quote to be inspirational as it means that adventure is out there waiting for us to explore, we just have to step out of our comfort zone and go beyond our limits to chase our dreams. I think this quote is also an inspiration for me because I can be very conserved and less likely to get ou of my comfort zone. Thus, by looking at this quote, it actually pushes me to be more confident and perservearant in my dreams.




2D Process- Memory Drawing

This drawing is supposed to represent happy because of how the lines seem to look fluid and less harsh compared to angry. The lines are drawn based on the memory that I have thought about which was going overseas with my family for the first time. Thus, there is an image of a sealion dancing, to represent how excited I was.
I could also see how this image can be a reference for my final work which is for one of emotions called excited. The lines would be fluid and have vivid, rhythmic strokes that could flow according to how existed I am.

Emo Final







One difficulty I find for this project is that I need to find some ideas or symbols that can represent my emotions. Even though this project is very abstract, I still find it difficult to find some images that could represent my emotions. I also need to make sure that the images should not be made up of just lines but also the images that I want to convey through my emotions. I am also very rigid and restrained with myself, because of my thinking on how realistic it can look like, leading to the range of materials I can find to be limited.
Another difficulty that I find would be the techniques that I could use. There are certain techniques such as Jackson pollock’s drip technique and having layer mid painting to make the painting to have a three dimensional effect. Although I have used layers of painting, it would not look as if it has a three dimensional effect and it also looks less like Jackson Pollock’s work of having thick layers of paint and some visible strokes that is used by his dripping technique.
However, one strength that I have realised for myself in this project is that I can be more expressive as the emotions that I have came up with were from my own personal experience.

4D Foundation I

I used substitution for this photo as I wanted to tap into the sub consciousness of people when they are dreaming. Thus, I have substituted the bed with a dreamy looking background and the subject is sleeping on the clouds which represents how she can be carried away in her dreams as she is not thinking too much when she is dreaming.

This is done by subtracting the thickness of the paper which is to suggest how much paper we are using for our own use but could harm the number of trees in the forest. The subtraction of the pencil lead is to suggest that if there were to be lesser trees found on earth today, we will soon find ourselves to have very little paper for our own use.


I added the thorns at the side of the phone which is showing the Pokemon screen. This is trying to show how dangerous the game can be as it can turn into an addiction that may lead to negative consequences such as a distraction for students’ academics, lesser social interaction among people, although they are physically together, they are not communicating face to face.
The use of superimpose for this photo is to emphasise on how parents act as a support for us as they were the ones who raised us up throughout our lives. Thus, I have come up with this idea on how parents act as a support for our wings before we can “fly” or grow up. In this image, I have included my father’s hand to be placed under my arms. The shirt that I was wearing would be the resemblance of a wing and which can also help convey my idea of how parents act as a support for us before we ” fly “.

Overall, I find that this project to be very interesting and it is a new experience for me. This is because I have not used photoshop before and I had difficulty doing this work. Thus, I actually took a very long time to finish this work. However, the idea of using the four techniques is very interesting because I never knew that these techniques can be incorporated into photography as I am only exposed to photography without photoshop. Thus, throughout this project, I am able to include my own personal thoughts and opinions about certain issues and convey them into a certain manner instead of just capturing that issue alone which can just fulfil that message but makes the image less interesting. I have also learnt a lot about the techniques which can be used in advertisements to encourage more consumers to buy their product or to fulfil their message about a certain issue.

2D Process for My Line is Emo

Process of Project 1 (done during class)imageimage
The first image is done by exploring the use of the roller when I explored the different tones it can make and by making marks using the roller instead of just rolling on the paper. I managed to create a background with lines that are in a criss cross pattern.
The second image is done by string and I noticed the tone it creates has a tension from strong to lighter tone. You can also feel that there is an emotion that is coming out of the work that looks like anger.
The last image is done using crumpled tissue paper and dabbing it on the paper. I notice how this material and technique gives the whole work a blurry effect which is also what I want from my emotions.