3D Gift Project final


Thought process

When I first talked to my partner, I mostly asked her questions related to her major which is film. However, the answers which I received from her had words that were too general and not concrete enough. Those words were mainly movie titles. Thus, with those movie titles, I had to research on the plots of the movies in order to create a gift for my partner.

As a result, I managed to think about a gift that is a house made of ice cream sticks. The reason why I wanted to use ice cream sticks was because I based on the theme of family relationships which was the gene of the four movies I was given. The process of building the house using the sticks is very difficult and it takes time to build a steady and strong family relationship. Also, ice cream sticks are stable and strong and it matches the family values which I talked about.

However, after having talked to Peter, I realised that I was creating a gift that did not represent my partner but the movies that my partner likes. Furthermore, if I were to keep looking at my interview with my partner, I could not find any concrete words suitable enough to make a gift.

Thus, I had to ask my partner again. I asked which country would she like to travel, is she an outdoor person or indoor person and what she likes. So, my partner is an outdoor person and when she is outdoors, she would play sports and she was in Volleyball. She likes to go to LA, New York and London and she likes makeup. She also likes pop rap music.

About the product

With those ideas, I managed to combine them together with my previous idea of a house into makeup kit that is in a design of a house. The reason why there is only one door for a house is because of how I needed the space to emphasise on the lyrics of her Favourite Pop rap Singers. It is also to not make the whole product look plain.

My partner likes to go to LA, New York and London because she likes how the youths express themselves freely. With that idea, I would create the house in a more street style manner and having the lyrics of her Favourite rappers in a more graffiti manner. Furthermore, the crooked style of the house design makes it even more emphasised that it is a more street style. The house can also act as a lid as it is made of wires which I find easy to work with as I can  bend them easily and make it into a design of the Volleyball.

The makeup kit may look as if it is an empty box because it is not nicely designed. However, this is because I want to emphasise on the personality of my partner who likes to go to all of the countries that have more street arts as the youths have this sense of freedom to express themselves. Inside the kit, I did not put in any sections. This is due to the lid having designed as a Volleyball, the three lines can act as the sections to what she can put so she can have a more Organised kit.


Overall, I feel that this project helps me to create a much better impression on my partner. Although I was in the same class her for last semester, I did not really talk to her that much. Thus, throughout the entire conversation with her, I was able to have a change of impression of her that used to be fierce and goth like to a more sporty and artsy type of girl.

As for the structure, I was leaning towards the idea of something that is very useful and convenient for my partner to carry. Although it may not be aesthetically pleasing as to how a make up tool should look like, it suits her personality of being a street art type of person.

4D Alter Ego Final Video


Thought process
I managed to change the story in order to put it into a more current context and less of science fiction. I have decided that since Nancy Drew is a detective in the movie and she has always believe in justice, while Newt is a wizard who came to New York in the movie on a mission to release one of the creatures to its natural habitat. There is some sense of justice in Newt as he believes that by releasing the creature to its habitat even though it is a rescued creature, it is the right thing to do. Thus, I have  decided to put both Nancy and Newt in a scene of an interrogation where Nancy is interrogating Newt on his purpose and reasons in causing harm to the society, which she thinks wizards do.However, in actual fact not all wizards are what she thinks as Newt is a trainor who trains wizards to do better for the society , however, it is just that some wizards were out of his control and they start to bring harm to the society.

Reference Video

I got the idea of having an interrogation scene based on one of the scenes in Newt’s movie Fantastc Beasts and Where to Find Them. Newt is being interrogated by the Director of Magical Security of the Mafical Congress of the United States. In the video, he found out that Newt has come to New York and released many creatures, exposing the identity of wizards. However, Newt denies that fact as he has actually come to New York to release one of his creatures to its natural habitat. However, Newt did not mention this fact to Graves and thus leading to Graves ounishing Newt.

By using this idea of false accusing and the punishment, I could see how my film could have some of these potential ideas. Since one of my character is a detective who believes in the sense of justice and every criminal in her books would end with the criminal getting what they deserve.

Story plot

Newt, a wizard trainer for all wizards has been capturing wizards all across the world and training them in his school so they could use their powers for good to the society. However, not all wizards are good wizards who would just follow his lessons. Some wizards would grow insane once they realise the potential of their powers and use it to cause harm to the society. This has been occurring for many years and Nancy Drew, the police Detective has been tracking down who is the mastermind for all of these harm in the society and has finally caught her, Newt Scamander.

However, it was not his fault. Newt told Nancy that those were wild wizards and had come to bring them back to prevent those wild wizards from growing further insane and so that the society would be safe. Unfortunately, Nancy still does not believe in Newt as she believes that all criminals would have to get what they deserve and sentence him to prison instead.

My point in this whole video is to show how justice is served and who is in the right and wrong. Was it Nancy who thinks that all wizards are bad just because she saw some evidences of how people are cursed by many witches and wizards? Or was it Newt who was coming back to the real world and taking those wild wizards who cause harm to the society and train them for the better so they could bring better to the society?

My Final Video


I think that filming does need to involve a lot of technical work especially when working with a DSLR camera. It was my first time working with such camera. Luckily, I had a partner who was an expert and she could help me in fulfilling the angles I wanted based on my storyboard.

As for the scouting of locations, I have decided to go for an enclosed room that could fulfill the atmosphere of an interrogation scene. Thus, I wanted to look for one of the meeting rooms, however, it was closed to all students. Thus, I had to go to somewhere open more for students which is the computer labs.