3D Final Project for CDL

Artist Reference for final work

I was inspired by how such unique wave like structure could act as a roof for a house from this artist Robert Oshatz. Thus, I have decided to do a similar shape that is also a wave like structure but curving in a different way. Also, the combination of an inorganic shape with a geometric shape makes the work to seem less proportionate but still visually appealing to look at.

I initially had different ideas when I first encountered the theme called “Towards Zero Waste.” I was actually thinking on the meaning of waste and zero waste. Indeed, I have searched through the internet and found out that the meaning of waste is to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. It also means to describe a material that is eliminated, discarded as no longer useful or required after the completion of a process.

From there, I searched up the types of resources or materials that have been wasted including land, textile, water, food. Based on these resources, I narrowed my focus towards land, water and generally, the resources found on earth that are depleting. The final selection was also done based on some artist references which I found appealing and some of the research which I have found that is more appealing to me.

For example, in this sketch, I was inspired by the style from Constantin Brancusi’s Bird in Space. The way he captured the movement of the bird is done so elegantly and very simple just by using one shape to represent a bird.

Image result for constantin brancusi bird in space

Similarly, in my work I wanted to represent the idea of how the earth may look like in the future if we continue to waste our resources and the resources start to deplete without us knowing it. Thus, instead of representing earth as it is in a round shape, I have just made it into a three dimensional curve like shape that resembles a wave. The lines would draw the viewers attention towards the hole in the work making them understand how our resources are slowly depleting if we continue to use them extensively and to no purpose. However, due to the technical difficulties that I have found in this idea, I have decided that I would focus my attention to my final idea instead.

I was shocked when I read this information on how Singapore as a clean and green nation could have some dark hidden truth behind it. The amount of waste thrown in the sea at all coastal beaches has increased year after year from 3.1kg in 2002 to 4.2kg in 2013. This shocking fact actually draws my attention to create such a work that could act as  warning to the viewers on how such waste dumped into the sea would affect the marine life in the sea.

Exploration of material

At first, I decided to go with a soft material such as clay to build my study model. This is because of how my design has a wave and fluid like structure at the top. Thus, I have decided to go with a soft material. However, this does not work for the sharp and jagged edges because of how the nature of the material has this ability to make the shape to appear inorganic but not sharp and geometric.

Then, I moved on to another material using a thin cardboard for my study model. I realised that it could make sharp and jagged edges because it is not just thin but it is also hard enough for me to cut into a sharp diamond. However, I realised that without a base, this sculpture cannot stand. Thus, I have decided that I should build a base to not just stabilise my structure but also to fulfil my idea of warning the viewers about the future consequences of waste dumped into the sea. I have also come to a conclusion on the type of materials I want to use is something thin and bendable for the wave structure and something hard for the diamond shapes.

First Final Product





The first final product may seem to look simple as there is not much of wood being used showing a lack of technical skills in my work.

Final Product

Peter suggested to me on adding more wave like structure around the diamond shapes. Then, I realised it does help to bring out the aesthetic of the structure and the fact that it looks like how the waste are dumped deep into the sea.






This project helps me to discover the meaning of waste and how it can also affect a clean and green nation such as Singapore. The shocking fact on how Singapore can have such waste dumped into the sea makes me reflect about how we have been taking our resources for granted and using them extensively with no significant purpose. This artwork of mine does not just act as a warning towards viewers but also a reflection on how we have chosen to exploit our resources.

4D Final Project: Video Installation


Hanging of the light beam

It is important to take not in the height of the beams in order for the viewers to be able to see the screen further at the back and the block of ice which is behind the triangle. Thus, my group members have decided to try out in the different heights of the triangle using the ladder as a guide to determine where the ice block is and where the television is.

Framing of the ice block and the television against the triangle 

Though the height of the light beams seem to have matched with the height of the television and the ice block, we needed it to frame both the television and the ice block. Thus, we had to shift the light beams towards the middle of the space that it is in so that viewers can see both the ice block and the screen. Though the framing of the triangle against the television did not capture the whole television screen, the main purpose of the triangle is just to capture the scenes that are happening in the screen.

Melting and freezing of the ice block

The ice block plays a significant role in our project as the idea of having reality to be seen in a blur at first would slowly become much clearer as the ice slowly melts in the process. To achieve the melting process, my group realized that we could add salt in the water so that it lowers the melting point , the salt is added in the water together with the flowers that are also inside the rectangular shaped container. As a result, the ice will slowly melt as shown in the video.

Moreover, as shown in the third picture, the shape of the ice cube plays a significant role in our installation as it helps us to determine the small screen in which the viewers are able to peak through the reality video that is shown behind this block of ice. Base on the shape of the ice, my group would then cut out an outline from the trash bag that we have used to cover the space for our installation. As a result, this leads to another frame against the ice block and when it melts, the frame would become a small screen where the viewers can see the actual reality at the back.

The first photo was our initial trial to see how long the ice takes to freeze and melt. This is first done by placing the flowers inside a container which is filled up with water. Then, we placed it in the freezer for about a day and we realised it takes about 5 to 6 hours to freeze the ice. After which, my group decided to do research on how long it would take for the ice to melt which is actually 20 minutes. However, due to our presentation is only about 5 minutes, we had to think of alternatives in order for the ice to melt faster. We even thought of putting a hairdryer beside the block of ice since the music video will be overwhelming the noise from the hairdryer. However, we though that this idea may not be working and we decided to search deeper and realised that we could add salt to lower the melting point of the ice so that it will melt faster.

A close up view of the process of freezing of the ice block. At this stage, the water is not completely frozen yet, it is partially frozen. This image belongs to the final work that you see in our installation.

By comparing the size of the container you see in our initial stage and the container for our final work, both differ in terms of their sizes. The container for our final work is much larger as we may have noticed the importance of the size of the ice block to be placed in our final work. Thus, we have decided to use a larger container that has a definite rectangular shape to give a more define shape.

Freezing of the ice

The images you see here is showing the rectangular shape of the ice block and third and fourth image shows how much the ice has frozen.

(Please click on this link to view the melting of the ice block) https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/alim038/wp-content/uploads/sites/898/2018/04/IMG_2345.mov

Crafting out of our space

In order to create an immersive space, my group has decided to choose our installation to be in the 4D room where we would cover the entire middle section of the room through the use of panels. The panels would then create a room for the viewers to walk into the space of this installation.

For the panels, we have used the trash bag as our material and opening each trash bag by cutting it into half. The same goes for the other trash bags that we have used for the various panels surrounding at the back where the television is. After opening the trash bags, we stick it with the other trash bags that we have also opened so we could have a wider panel and it also covers the entire space in the room.

Videos  from our final product

Video 1 is to show the interaction and reaction between the viewers and the artwork as they view the videos and how they interact with the space. They seem to be dancing and engulfing themselves into the space as they listen to the music but some of them may turn their attention to the video at the back as they may get curious into what is hiding at the back.

Video 1

The documentation of  the melting of the ice is also shown here as itwill melt and slowly unravelling the idea of reality. We intended the viewers to actually perceive “reality” that is shown in the music video to be okay as they would immerse themselves with the music that is louder than the reality video shown at the back. The block of ice would then melt and making the viewers realise that their own perceived reality is not what is supposed to be.

Video 2  perceiving reality 


I feel that working in a group for this project , we are able to gather many different ideas and be able to understand how each other may perceive the use of space effectively so it could fulfil the title of our work called Soliopolism. Technical wise, the process would seem to be much faster as we learn how to help one another to set up our work and be able to create an immersive space that draws the viewers attention.

I was also able to learn the importance of space in an artwork as it is not just meant for installations in terms of sculptures or other non-digital mediums., but also for videos. The way we portray our space is for the audience to immerse themselves into the room they are in and the mood of it was at first more towards a club like atmosphere because of the light and the loud music as our background. The importance of space and the relationship between the videos is to help narrate our intentions of distinguishing between perceived reality and reality.