2D Forrest Gump Drafts

” Congratulations San Francissco, you’ve ruined pizza!” , Inside Out, 2015

Draft 1

Draft 2

Draft 1 and 2
I wanted to depict the character as a grumpy old man who would yell and throw a tanthrum as he did not get what he wants. This is also because of how the charcater is named Angry and he would yell and shoot out flames when he gets angry, so, it seems as if he is throwing a tanthrum. Both drafts depict the character as a grumpy old man throwing a tanthrum either inside or outside the restaurant serving broccoli pizza.
Draft 1 shows the grumpy old man throwing his tanthrum outside the restaurant as I wanted to show that the restaurant actually thinks that they are serving delicious pizza but instead they serve broccoli pizza which is not what the chracter wants.
Draft 2 shows the man in the restaurant with the waitress tempting the man even more to eat more of their delicious ‘pizza’ which is actually the fruits and vegetables in the image.
However, for both drafts, I find that the compoition is not convincing enough as the image just shows a man throwing his tanthrum because he did not get what he wants. The first draft is also again, has a separate composition as the restaurant is far apart from the old man.


‘Keep moving forward” , Meet the Robinsons, 2007

From the first though of this quote, I would think of how I could represent the character as a scientist and using the most iconic scientific figure, Albert Einstein so that everyone would know that it is a scientist who said this quote. However, at first, I have chosen to use the ides of time travelling from the past to the future as the chracter timetravelled to the future and as a scientist, he would want to keep moving forward and invent new technology that can be improved over the years. However, after following Mimi’s advise on how I could represent the elements with scientific elements instead, I have decided to put the context into how this chracter could see his own future as a scientist just like the one in my final work.

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