2D Forrest Gump Drafts

“Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore”, Frozen, 2013


Draft 1
At first, I would depict the character to be a very evil queen dominating the whole kingdom with her powers. This is because when I wanted to interprete the quote, I would think about the movie’s story as a whole; the fact that the character has frozen the whole kingdom and allowing everyone to be freezing in the snow has allowed me to interprete her as an evil queen. Thus, I have chosen to represent the character’s eyes to be replaced with snowmballs and sitting on a queen’s throne that sits at the top of the mountain. This whole image would make the character look more dominant.
However, the whole composition may seem too empty and I have also realised that replacing the eyes with the snowball just does not represent how evil she is.


Draft 2
Thus, I have moved on to this piece where the queen would be found attacking the kingdom using her powers. I have also stil chosen to represent her powers to be more evil and literally showing her attacking the whole kingdom using her powers. However, after consulting with Mimi, I was told that the whole composition seems so separated and it does not help narrate the meaning of the quote where the character is finally letting go of her powers.


Draft 3
At last, I have come up with this piece where it really illustrates the meaning of the quote. At first, I did not know how to illustrate the meaning of the quote until I have consulted with Mimi. She helped me to break down the meaning of the quote as she asked me why did the character say that quote and when did she say that quote. Thus, when I managed to answer what Mimi has asked me, I managed to understand the meaning of the quote much better. As a result, I have depicted my charcater to be breaking free from the mountains that she has been hiding which could represent how trapped she feels when she had to hide her powers. The butterflied would represent the freedom that she finally has to release her powers and the girl would further enhance the effect on how the charcaters’ transformation of being trapped to having freedom. However, after the crtiics session, I was told that the mountains could not be seen and it was not obvious enough that it was a mountain. Thus, I have decided to change it and it is shown in my final piece.

” I don’t like food. I love it” , Ratatouille, 2007

Draft 1
At first, I depicted the character as an evil wolf who would slowly creep up onto his prey, then he would pounce onto his prey and eat it. The reason why I have depicted my charcater this way was because of how the character says that quote. He sounded as if he was threatening the main character in the movie, Linghuini, to close down his restaurant and Linghuini was also scared of him. Furthermore, the moment as the character stepped into the room, everyone was silent and the atmophere was still. The character thus made me feel that he is someone who is evil but also hungry for food.
Thus, in this image, the wolf in a man’s suit is representing the character and the beaver which is the wolf’s prey is representing Linghuini. The image depicts the character who is going to eat his prey . However, I feel that this sompostiton may not be convinsing enough as the character who said the quote may not be obvious enough as there are now two charcaters. Furthermore, I could not find a better picture of a bevaer that would crouch down and facing the wolf. Thus, I have decided to go with this image of the beaver. However, the beaver is standing and it does not seem to be scared of the wolf.


Draft 2
Again , I wanted to show the character to be an evil villain who is attacking Linghuini. However, in this case, Linghuini is decpited as a chef who does not know about how the character actually plans to close down his restaurant and is hunting him down. However, the image again does not show who is the character that said the quote as there are two charcters. Furthermore, the composition seems so separated as the images does not seem to create a narrative to the meaning of the quote.


Draft 3
Following Mimi’s advise on how I can represent my character as a pig, I have chosen to depict my character to be a greedy pig who loves to eat good food. However, the foods in this image may seem too much of a distraction as there is no focus point ont the character. As for the mouth, I thought I could exaggerate how greedy the character is as he is always eating by including a big mouth. However, this would just make the whole image look distracting and the mouth just does not fit into the composition.


Draft 4
Then, I have decided to depict the pig to be ordering so much food as he loves food. The hamburger would represent how fat he is because of the amount of food he eats and how food has become a part of him since he loves food and he is a food critic. However, during the critics session, I was told that the pig’s head is not obvious enough to show it is a pig and the food that is stacked up infront of the pig is showing comparison. Thus, I have decided to chnage my image into my final piece.

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