Forrest Gump

Artist reference, Dan Hillier



Inspired by Dan Hillier, I have used his style of tranforming images into my work. I also identified how he could superimposed one image onto another image or juxtaposing two different elements together and making it look like one image. His images would seem to me as more surrealistic and in the mode of transformation that could also attract the viewers’ attention.


“Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore.” , Frozen, 2013

Based on the meaning of the quote and the movie itself, I have interpreted the quote as the main protagonist who said the quote as someone who has been trpped in her own inner turmoil as she has to conceal her powers so as to no harm her sister and anyone. However, in the later part of the film, she discovered that she had failed to control her powers infront of everyone but she decided to acknowledge her inner turmoil and her failure to control herself by revealing her inner turmoil. This means that she is breaking free, there is no need to hide her powers anymore since everyone knows about her powers.
Thus, in this image, I have chosen to represent the quote as the character breaking free and finally revealing her powers as she had been hiding it all the time. The scene was represented as the mountains because the character was saying this quote at the mountains. Furthermore, the mountains could also represent how trapped she was as she had to hide her powers. Then, slowly, she starts to reveal her powers. The butterflies would represent the emotion that she felt which was freedom and the girl was to further enhance the illustration of the quote that it is the girl who feel the sense of freedom as she was trapped before.


” Congratulations, San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza!” Inside Out, 2015

This movie is about how emotions control our actions, inner thoughts and characters. In this movie, there are five characters namely Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sad and Angry who control the actions, inner thoughts and characters of a girl name Riley. However, for this quote, I have decided to pick only one of the five charcaters and that is Angry. This is because I find this quote to be funny, interesting and easy to represent. It is funny and interesting because the quote is said when Riley went to San Francissco and ordered a slice of pizza but instead of getting a pizza filled with delicious ingredients, she got a broccoli pizza instead. Thus, Angry was angry as he said that quote but instead of scolding the waitress, he said that quote sarcastically but still with an angry expression.
Thus, I have chosen to represent my character in a volcano because in one of the scenes in the movie, I could see that he was shooting out flames and that reminded me of a volcano that could flare out when they are agitated. He would also shoot out the broccoli from the pizza that he is being served to the sea as he was angry that he was served broccoli pizza.


” I don’t like food. I love it. ” Ratatouille, 2007

This quote is said by the main character who is a food critic walked into the movie’s main protagonist, Chef Linguini’s restaurant and announcing that he would be coming to his restaurant for a food review, expecting good food from him. This is because of how previously he rated very low for the restaurant which caused the previous chef to pass away. Thus, he would expect the restaurant to do very badly after that period, but to his surprise, the restaurant did amazigly well. Thus, he came back and demanded to have another food review but having strict requirements of good food.
Based on the quote itself. I interpreted the character as a pig who loves good food and eats good food. Furhtermore, the character is a food critic, this means that he eats alot of food such that food has become part of his life. Thus, I have decided to interprete the character as a pig who is in a suit but the body replaced by a hamburger to emphasise how fat he is as he loves eating food and to represent how food became part of his life since he is a food critic.


“Kep moving forward” , Meet the Robinsons, 2007

This quote has actually been emphasised throughout the movie, however, I have specifically picked the scene where the main character realised that he has actually seen his own future and his own success as a scientist. Thus, the two roads represent how the character is moving forward and seeing his own future as a scientist with the science elements surrounding him. Furthermore, since the charcater loves science and he is also a scienist in the future, so, I have chosen to represent him as Albert Einstein who sees himself having a successful career as a scientist in the future.


This is also my final piece for my totebag. The reason why I have chosen this quote for my tote bag is because I find the quote to be very motivating and it inspires me to keep moving forward no matter what challenges I face in my life.


Overall, I feel that this project can be quite difficult for me. Even though it is using a digital platform but it is using a software which I may not be familiar with and that is Photoshop. At first, I did not know how to create a keyline to prevent my images to look as if they are floating. It was not until I asked one of my classmates who gave me a link to the tutorial steps for Photoshop thatI could find the steps to create a keyline and make my image to become even more focussed.
I also find some difficulties in thinking about the symbols that I may need to use to represnt the quote because the quote show show the meaning of the quote and the meaning of the movie, also to create a narration. It was not very easy for me to create such collages because I could not think of a certain story that could illustrate the meaning of my quote. Thus, I exposed myself to more collage artists especially digital artists that could help inspire me and teach me how I could do a collage and represent my quote in amore surrealistic manner.

Author: Audrelia Lim

I am an ADM ( Arts, Design, Media) student from NTU who is interested in Visual Communication, Animation, Film. I always like to see how far my imagination can take me and explore my own creativity skills.

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