Alter Ego




This project has allowed me to dig deeper into my personality , meaning that it has allowed me to think of what kind of personality I actually have and how I would usually portray myself. At first, I would think of myself as sensitive, lonely and pessimistic. However, after going through Mimi’s consultation, I realised that I was being too harsh on myself and I should try to ortray myself in a more positive manner or to have the ending result as more comic like. Thus, I have chosen to come up with positive traits of myself. By doing that, I started to think of the achievements that I have achieved in my life so far.
For example, on how I came up with the personality of adventurous, I tried thinking of some of the adventures that I have been to which mostly includes overseas trips with my family and trying something new. To me, adventurous does not mean to be trying something exotic as it can also mean trying something new as some of the things tat I have come across in overseas, I could only get to experience that once in a lifetime. For example, in China, I have decided to climb the Great Wall of China as we never see this in Singapore and in Europe, I have tried squid ink pasta for the very first time. So, adventurous to me is more like trying something tat I have never tried before.
As for indecisive, I wanted to portray myself to be a little bit more comical and thus I have cme up with the personality of indecisive as I could not decide what to eat. I think that this personality would also be relatable to some of us as we could be indecisive in not just cafes but also in certain situations such as deciding our majors or the choice of adding or dropping a module. Thus, the personality I have thought about is considered based on the ability for most people to be able to relate and to portray myself in a more positive light.

Techniques wise, I realised that I still have alot of room for improvement based on the comments I have recived from Mimi as my characters were not bright, they were more pale. I need to hone on my skills so that I could see what medium I am good at so that I will be able to see which path will this medium lead me into for my major. Despite the comments, I could still say that I would favour traditional art more than digital art as I am more familiar with traditional art than digital art which is photoshop. That being said, I would try my best and hone on my watercolour skills and painting skills during the holidays to make a better art piece in the future projects. However, I could say that I indeed portrayed a certain narrative as I have planned out the layout of my settings and the personality traits that my character has.

Author: Audrelia Lim

I am an ADM ( Arts, Design, Media) student from NTU who is interested in Visual Communication, Animation, Film. I always like to see how far my imagination can take me and explore my own creativity skills.

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