4D Project : In a World…(Sequential Imaging)

This is when Clefie is being blamed by his teammate, Bookie for causing a blackout for the whole village. However, this is actually not the first time that Clefie has done this, thus, Bookie is shown to have an angry expression.
Visual wise, I have decided to take the advice I received from my classmates and Michael that there should be a sense of perspective. Thus, I have decided to make the houses look even smaller from the tower’s perspective.

This is when Clefie decided to go to the pixie forest and ask the fairy for wishes. Clefie is depicted to be a greedy character after recieving his wishes as in the story, I hve mentioned that he asked for three more wishes after he had his third wish. Thus, Clefie is depicted to have his mouth wide open and this could represent how much he wants to have more wishes.
Visual wise, the background was atually a forest with flowers and trees. However, after receiving the advice in the critics session, I did consider of how the background should be related in context with the story that is the whole village is in a blackout mode. Thus, I have decided to paint the whole background in dark purple and just focussing on the two characters.

So, this is the aftermath of Clefie wishing that the whole village would belike him. Clefie then wanted to ask the fairy what he should do but he realised the fairy could not help him as her powers became weak. Thus, there is the sad expression on his face as he realised he is now left helpless and has gone overboard with his wishes.
Visual wise, I received some commebts during the critics session that the houses look as if they are floating objects. Thus, I have decided to change the colour of the houses which could blend into the context of the whole village is blackout and are also quite prominent. I have also added some shadows so that viewers could see that the houses are on the ground and not floating.

Character’s Decision
This is when Clefie decided that he should climb up to the tower and save the whole village. I wanted to show the village to remain in the blackout mode because of how I think that base on Clefie’s position, he has not tripped over the wires, he is only starting to trip over the wires. Thus, the whole village is still in a blackout mode.
Visual wise, because Clefie is standing on the tower, the houses, again, should remain small and they should have a certain perspective. Thus, I have arranged the towers to be in a more circular pattern which could enhance the sense of perspective for the viewers.

In the end, Clefie wished the whole village back to normal and he was regarded a true hero. Thus, I have chosen to depict the keypoint in the resolution that is how Clefie is depicted as a true hero by his fellow elves. In this image, the elves recognised Clefie as a hero by throwing him up into the air which is also a form of celebration of his victory.

Visual wise, I have depicted a sense of perspective as there is a foreground and the background is dominated by the sky. The elves including Clefie also has a sense of perspective as he seems to be bigger than the rest of the elves on the ground.

Overall. I feel that this project is slightly difficult because of how we should illustrate our story using just five panels. It can be difficult for me to capture the main points of the story as I felt that nost of the points in the story are the main points. Thus, since I came from narrative class, I anaged to learn soe tips of writing a story and I used those guidelines such as the beginning, middle, climax, character’s decision and resolution, whenthinking about how I should illustrate my story.
I have also learnt that even though it is a fictional story, there is still a need to show some perspective so that viewers will know from whose point of view are they looking at.
Despite the challenges, I still find this project to be an interesting experience for me and I am using a medium which is comfortable for me as I am better at traditional medium than digital medium. I feel that this project is interesting because of how I found out that I could narrate a moving story using still images. This is die to how we would usually see still images alone with no story, it is only when we include another image, we could see a story towards the whole image.

Author: Audrelia Lim

I am an ADM ( Arts, Design, Media) student from NTU who is interested in Visual Communication, Animation, Film. I always like to see how far my imagination can take me and explore my own creativity skills.

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