4D Final Project: Video Installation


Hanging of the light beam

It is important to take not in the height of the beams in order for the viewers to be able to see the screen further at the back and the block of ice which is behind the triangle. Thus, my group members have decided to try out in the different heights of the triangle using the ladder as a guide to determine where the ice block is and where the television is.

Framing of the ice block and the television against the triangle 

Though the height of the light beams seem to have matched with the height of the television and the ice block, we needed it to frame both the television and the ice block. Thus, we had to shift the light beams towards the middle of the space that it is in so that viewers can see both the ice block and the screen. Though the framing of the triangle against the television did not capture the whole television screen, the main purpose of the triangle is just to capture the scenes that are happening in the screen.

Melting and freezing of the ice block

The ice block plays a significant role in our project as the idea of having reality to be seen in a blur at first would slowly become much clearer as the ice slowly melts in the process. To achieve the melting process, my group realized that we could add salt in the water so that it lowers the melting point , the salt is added in the water together with the flowers that are also inside the rectangular shaped container. As a result, the ice will slowly melt as shown in the video.

Moreover, as shown in the third picture, the shape of the ice cube plays a significant role in our installation as it helps us to determine the small screen in which the viewers are able to peak through the reality video that is shown behind this block of ice. Base on the shape of the ice, my group would then cut out an outline from the trash bag that we have used to cover the space for our installation. As a result, this leads to another frame against the ice block and when it melts, the frame would become a small screen where the viewers can see the actual reality at the back.

The first photo was our initial trial to see how long the ice takes to freeze and melt. This is first done by placing the flowers inside a container which is filled up with water. Then, we placed it in the freezer for about a day and we realised it takes about 5 to 6 hours to freeze the ice. After which, my group decided to do research on how long it would take for the ice to melt which is actually 20 minutes. However, due to our presentation is only about 5 minutes, we had to think of alternatives in order for the ice to melt faster. We even thought of putting a hairdryer beside the block of ice since the music video will be overwhelming the noise from the hairdryer. However, we though that this idea may not be working and we decided to search deeper and realised that we could add salt to lower the melting point of the ice so that it will melt faster.

A close up view of the process of freezing of the ice block. At this stage, the water is not completely frozen yet, it is partially frozen. This image belongs to the final work that you see in our installation.

By comparing the size of the container you see in our initial stage and the container for our final work, both differ in terms of their sizes. The container for our final work is much larger as we may have noticed the importance of the size of the ice block to be placed in our final work. Thus, we have decided to use a larger container that has a definite rectangular shape to give a more define shape.

Freezing of the ice

The images you see here is showing the rectangular shape of the ice block and third and fourth image shows how much the ice has frozen.

(Please click on this link to view the melting of the ice block) https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/alim038/wp-content/uploads/sites/898/2018/04/IMG_2345.mov

Crafting out of our space

In order to create an immersive space, my group has decided to choose our installation to be in the 4D room where we would cover the entire middle section of the room through the use of panels. The panels would then create a room for the viewers to walk into the space of this installation.

For the panels, we have used the trash bag as our material and opening each trash bag by cutting it into half. The same goes for the other trash bags that we have used for the various panels surrounding at the back where the television is. After opening the trash bags, we stick it with the other trash bags that we have also opened so we could have a wider panel and it also covers the entire space in the room.

Videos  from our final product

Video 1 is to show the interaction and reaction between the viewers and the artwork as they view the videos and how they interact with the space. They seem to be dancing and engulfing themselves into the space as they listen to the music but some of them may turn their attention to the video at the back as they may get curious into what is hiding at the back.

Video 1

The documentation of  the melting of the ice is also shown here as itwill melt and slowly unravelling the idea of reality. We intended the viewers to actually perceive “reality” that is shown in the music video to be okay as they would immerse themselves with the music that is louder than the reality video shown at the back. The block of ice would then melt and making the viewers realise that their own perceived reality is not what is supposed to be.

Video 2  perceiving reality 


I feel that working in a group for this project , we are able to gather many different ideas and be able to understand how each other may perceive the use of space effectively so it could fulfil the title of our work called Soliopolism. Technical wise, the process would seem to be much faster as we learn how to help one another to set up our work and be able to create an immersive space that draws the viewers attention.

I was also able to learn the importance of space in an artwork as it is not just meant for installations in terms of sculptures or other non-digital mediums., but also for videos. The way we portray our space is for the audience to immerse themselves into the room they are in and the mood of it was at first more towards a club like atmosphere because of the light and the loud music as our background. The importance of space and the relationship between the videos is to help narrate our intentions of distinguishing between perceived reality and reality.

4D Project 3: Video Installation


C o n c e p t

the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

To find refuge in the safe haven we created out of fiction and dreams;
An inner sanctum
Far away from the outside world
Rid of noise and hate,
Disappointments and curses
Complexity and time,
Impossibilities and limits.

However, are we just conceited to think that this is reality?

Living in such a peaceful and protected country, we are shielded from the many atrocities out there in the world. Sometimes, it is just so difficult to comprehend that such violence and hate exist. Many a times, we would like to believe that the world is just as peaceful:
No natural disasters.
No violence.
No hate.
No riots.
No nothing.

However, this is a mere delusion on our part.

If we just listen, if we just open our eyes a bit more, we’ll realise that the world is in a worse state that what we perceive it to be.
Artist statement
This installation seeks to break away from this false reality that everything’s okay. We will be creating a space where audiences will be dragged away from their walls of comfort to see what the real deal in the world is.

The Installation

In our installation space, we will have 2 videos playing concurrently.

There will be a video of our perceived reality–a place of comfort and peace–juxtaposed against a video of reality–chaos and troubles in different parts of the world.

The two screens projected on walls facing each other, with the ice installation in between.

Medium used

2 Video installations with an ice installation.

2 Videos

Mishmash of appropriated works that would display:

  • Our perceived reality
  • Chaos in the outside world.

Ice Installation 

A block of ice with a motif within.

Relationship between content and form

To convey our idea of escapism and ignorance, we decided to incorporate ice in our installation.

Why ICE?

It is used to preserve

Slows down the decaying process

The melting state of ice

Being a metaphor for the chaos in the world

The water molecules haphazard movement/lack of order in the liquid state vs the uniform and pristine structure of  the solid state

The frosted nature of ice prevents things to be seen clearly

Skewed perspective (due to not seeing things clearly) resulting in a misinformed worldview, (thus our idea)


Two projectors
A block of ice
Cloth partition

Critique Room at B1

Artist Reference:

Diana Thater



She mainly deals with video projection , television monitors and screens placed on the flat ground. However, what my group is planning to focus on is the how she uses video projections to create an immersive space for her installation.
One example of her work is Delphine (1999)(Fig1),
Her usage of a video projector helps to break out the rectangular frame of the video and the dolphins projected on the wall allows the viewers to immerse themselves into the space and imagine the fluidity movement of the dolphins swimming in different angles. As for my group’s work, we are planning to use a video projector to project two screens, one is based on reality while the other is our perceived reality. By using a projector on a screen, we are able to let the viewers to immerse themselves into that video and be able to picture how each reality feels like.

Her main themes revolve around human and nature that is how humans have destroyed nature. Her techniques of juxtaposition and layering of animals and plant life. She then projected what she has filmed in different angles. My group plans to do a narrative that could involve some layering to tell how true reality can be hidden or blurred from perceived reality.
Bill Viola
We were inspired by how Bill Viola manipulates different elements to show reveal two contrasting ideas through his video installation.

Acceptance (2008)

For his work on Acceptance, he beautifully depicts the transience of life, stepping from one realm to another. Running water was used to distinct the two realms from each other – the effect created as the lady crosses the barrier is amazingggggg.

The Crossing (1996)

Using natural elements like fire and water, Bill conveys his message of the creation and destruction, placing both works side by side with the constancy of the man in both videos.

Bahar Yurukoglu

“Fascinated by what happens when the extremities of the natural world and the synthetic combine, the artist is so bewitched by geometry she “sees squares and triangles rather than buildings and mountains.” Air-conditioning chills the space, and a recording of melting ice fills the air.”

Omar Fast

“Within the variables of spoken and stunning, visual narrative, Omar Fast challenges human susceptibility to preconceived notions within genre placing it under his critical hand. Skewing fact and fiction within digital arrangements of collaged appropriated news footage, as well as aerial shots  and cinemacially glorious self-productions. Within the facade of seemingly legitimate forms he pushes our ability to extrapolate truth in meaning within the assemblage of a discordant media forms.”

CNN Concatenated (2002)

For video #2, we would like to use a similar technique to present chaos. By appropriating news footages, we can bombard audience with the happenings in the world and evoke a sense of discomfort in them.


Idea 1 :

To create a space frozen in time, seconds before chaos happens.

Eg. a cup of milk almost spilling, chair tilting over

Juxtaposed against projections of the calm and peaceful which is what the audience indulge in.

Idea 2:

A pavilion of peace and dreams

Slowly disintegrating

Broken shards of crystals

Sound of chaos, (reversed or not)

Idea 3:

Video installation depicting the chaos happening in the world;

Poverty, disasters, riots, etc.

Fogged spectacles will be issued upon entering the installation space.

As the audience  see the screen through the fogged spectacles, they would see blurred images, colours/ phosphenes (the imaginary)

As the fog starts to wear off, the audience will slowly be exposed to the unpleasant realities projected on the screen.

Idea 4:
Video installation with interactive space

“Take me away
For I am not made for here

The palms of my hands cannot contain what the world has to offer
My shoulders,
broken and crumbled under forced responsibilities and duties,
cannot hold the weight of consequences
My knees give way when I chase my dreams
My feet heavy,
Dragging dismay and disappointment
The voice of my heart silenced by the reality of things
My ears deafened by the hateful noise of this world
My soul deconstructed

And this suffocating space
I cannot take
Bring me away
For I am not made for here”
Multiple video screens would be used, playing the backdrop to the inner sanctum – the fairytale-sque interactive space we created.

Through time, the video would slowly show cracks, slowly revealing the chaos/reality happening outside the inner sanctum.

This whole installation reveals the deep desire of an individual to flee from the harsh reality by hiding within herself. She soon realises there’s no point escaping; reality is inevitable.

She has to face it.

Possible content of narrative

A student who is bullied and misunderstood both in school and at home. She thus retreats within herself as that is her only form of escape, the only place that she feels safe in.

Idea 5:
Video Installation
Peace vs chaos.
Though we live in the same world, our experiences are almost polarizing from one another.

Cutting chicken in sg
Stabbing someone elsewhere in the world.

The video shows the juxtaposition of peace and chaos around the world; just because you are feeling peace does not mean chaos does not exist.

Idea 6:

Layers of cloth acting as screens. Videos of the calm and peaceful projected on these cloths.

At the end of the walkway, there will be a screening of a video with collages of chaos walking past the cloths, towards the end, the chaos video becomes clearer (was blur at first as a result of the translucent cloth in front of it.)

Shows how one cannot escape from reality forever. The delusions that everything is alright doesnt make everything alright at all.

4D Project 2 Sound and Image

Thought Process

Before this editing project, we actually had a group project that is about parallel storytelling and the point of view. We were also given scenarios to chose from and we were suppose to decide on how we could run the sequences in order to fit the genre or story that we are trying to tell.

So, my group has chosen a comedy genre and the scene we have chosen is about an employee rehearsing how she will ask for a raise and another scene where two managers are discussing how they will fire her.

Research and Processes 

By looking at some old cartoons including some Mickey Mouse old short films, I have realised they do use alot of sound effects especially when Mickey fell down from the stairs, the wind blowing. However, despite that this film was meant to be how this mad doctor is kidnapping Mickey’s dog and planning to experiment on him, the sound effect of this short film has helped to liven up the tone to become slightly less scary and more whimsical and comical.

  Technical Process of Sound through Audacity

It is through Audacity that I managed to record my own gulp into the video. I explored different ways and tones based on what I have recorded through the tools displayed in Audacity but mostly on the Reverb and Equalization.

I realised that the use of Reverb function helps to either expand or decrease the size of the room which then makes my voice to sound as if it is from a distance as shown in version two. I noticed how the different distance could affect the level of my voice because for version 2, I employed the larger room size technique. However, for version 1, I made the room size smaller so that you could hear my voice much clearer and the emphasis of my gulp can be heard in the video.  Not only that, I also played with the Equalization function that could make my voice sound different.

Gulp by Audrelia Lim

Gulp(version 1)

Gulp(version 2)

Curious Funny Comedy Music by The Crazy Venezolano Soundtrack

In the case of Curious Funny Comedy Music, I used the function of Equalisation to make it sound as if it is coming from a telephone. And just like how I was being influenced by the old cartoon, I employed a similar technique that could reflect the atmosphere of a sense of cheeky comedy towards the scene. Unlike the original which is much clearer, my take on this music seems to resemble the kind of atmosphere which you can find in an old cartoon just like “Dennis the Menace.”

When one listens to the music in the background, it takes on a more light hearted approach, however, the sound may not be that clear and loud enough which could actually help further dramatize the impact of the characters in each scene.  It is the type of sound they used that matches the scene of the characters. For example, when the dog starts to slip across the floor from 12:52 to 12:53, it not only creates an effect of how the dog is going to crash onto something but the sound frequency that seem to be more imbalanced blends very well into the scene and making it more comedic.

Exploring Comedy through Visual forms

Though this project is mostly playing with sound, I have tried other ways in exploring comedy. The sounds that I have used is mostly dramatic and it is also suitable for a typical and cheesy type of comedy. American comedy television series including “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two And A Half Men,” mostly played with dialogues from the characters and the laughter in the background is just to enhance the comedic effect that brings out from the characters towards the scene.

However, these shows are just television series and how the characters are  portrayed does not seem to have a strong impact towards the viewers as the angles portrayed are on the same frame. Thus, this makes the whole series to appear” flat” and  have a lack of cinematic appeal towards the viewers. Viewers are unable to draw themselves towards each scene of the characters and they could not feel the comedic effect happening in each scene.

Visual Comedy and reference artist/director

Edgar Wright, a director and master of  films that mostly deal with visual comedy including “Spaced”, “Hot Fuzz,” and “Scoot Pilgrim vs. The World.” He seem to have played a lot with the camera angles and how each scene or character should be framed in each scene. He has also played with the transitions of scenes that involves on how the character enters or leaves the scene. The comedic effect does not just come with how he played with the camera angles but also the expression of the characters that could help enhance the scene to become even more funny. The use of visual comedy acts as a support for the scene but it also plays a significant role in bringing out the sense of humor in the scene and the characters.

For example, in this video from the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” there is a lot of exploration in visual comedy. From 4:12 to 4:19, Wright played with the transitions of the characters in this case of Scott, he is leaving the scene, however, he only left when the other character said that he had left. Furthermore, the act of showing Scott leaving by jumping out of the window shows a more comedic effect instead of just showing him running away and hiding which may seem very boring and predictable, making it less interesting to watch.

Wright has also played with the sound from 5:23 to 5:36. When Scott was preparing to go into the battle, the music started off as tense from 5:23 to 5:31, then it stopped as Scott was tying his shoelaces from 5:32 to 5:36. The silence brings out the sense of comedy because of the irony from how he was supposed to be very tough and getting ready for the battle to a more careful and delicate person when tying his shoelace. This sound is also influenced in my video as when Anna talks about how she thinks she is very good and contributes a lot to the company, there seem to be angels that surround her and have voices that echoes around her depicting her as a “goddess.” However, it stopped when she started to demand for a pay. This act of silence was to bring out a comedic effect as there is a sense of irony being played in that scene from a very “holistic” person to a very demanding employee who is very greedy as she asks for a pay raise.

In terms of camera angles, Wright has used quite a lot of dramatic close ups of the characters. This makes the scene much funnier as in combination with the expression of the characters and how they are viewed as very close, allows the audience to focus their attention towards the characters’ expression and the comedic effect in the scene. For example, from 4:27 to 4:35, the camera seem to be zooming in towards the lady who is charging towards Scott and making us as viewers to feel that she is also charging towards us. Then, from 4:35 to 4:36, he revealed how the character looks like by zooming in to her face and the words she said has reflected her facial expression that she is angry but in a less serious manner. Moving on to 4:37 shows Scott’s reaction after he heard what she said, he seem scared as he does not know what she will do to him. The close up on his expression makes the scene more dramatic and enhance it’s sense of humor.

 Final Video



Easy Stroll by Jay Man

Dun Dun Dun Brass Music Sound Clip from Orange Free Sound

Curious Funny Comedy Music by The Crazy Venezolano Soundtrack

Gulping sound by Audrelia

Hallelujah Sound Clip from  Orange Free Sound

Project 2

For the sounds, I was thinking more of a light-heart and cheery tone in order to express the comedic type of genre and feeling in this video. Thus, when I think about the tone I wanted to portray, I would think of old cartoons including Loony Tunes, Dennis the Menace and other old cartoons from the 1990s.

I notice how old cartoons would portray sounds that could create an impact between the character and the objects. For example, the sound of falling down the stairs and the act of slipping across the floor , helps create a certain comedic impact towards the viewers on how such interaction with objects and the emphasis of sound between them can draw their attention and linking it towards the characters in the scene,making the scene appear more funny.


I feel that sound does play a significant role so that audience would know how they should be feeling in that particular scene. Some sounds including non-digetic does play a significant role in my video because my characters do not deal with a,lot of objects and to set the mood of the video, I had to deal with non-digetic sounds that could help liven up the atmosphere in this short film. Although, I could have used Audacity to record my own voice for the gulp because I thought my character’s feeling of being scared could be further emphasized. Audacity has allowed me to learn how the use of ordinary objects can be turned into the ones which we usually hear in the movies just like how the sound of a punch can be the sound of someone stabbing on a cabbage. It is the function of such tools including Reverb, Equalization that makes the sound changes and lead us into the illusion that that could be the sound heard in the movie when it is actually something else.

However, it is not just the sounds that contribute towards the story, it is also the how the characters portray themselves and match along with the sound in the background, bringing out the impact towards the viewers.


Art Science Museum Trip: Future World Review

One moving image which I found really interesting would be “ Story of the Time Where Gods were Everywhere.” This work is done digitally but there also appear to be some calligraphy designs added into the work. The calligraphy designs are most probably the hieroglyphic characters. These characters would have the viewers to be curious and touch then do they could turn into elements such as rain, wind, trees and mountains.

What I like about this work is how interactive it is as viewers can touch it and they can create their own story. They are able to see the story evolve into their own which is expanding our own creativity.

This interaction is also most probably the artist’s intention to tell viewers that new visual worlds in nature are constantly being created by us, humans.

Another work that featured a moving image is the Universal of Water Particles. 

I find it very interesting and impressive on how the artist managed to render this whole work digitally to give the impression that the waterfall looks real.

The artist strictly followed according to the law of physics to create the lines in the waterfall. So, it is the movement of the lines that actually gives viewers the impression the waterfall is coming towards them as the waterfall seems to be portruding outwards and towards the viewers.

I am thinking that the artists’s purpose of using digital as their medium is because of the need for movement in their works. Without movement, the viewers may think the work is just a still life image. However, with movements being added, it helps with the effect of being more realistic as it is coming towards the viewers.

4D Alter Ego Final Video


Thought process
I managed to change the story in order to put it into a more current context and less of science fiction. I have decided that since Nancy Drew is a detective in the movie and she has always believe in justice, while Newt is a wizard who came to New York in the movie on a mission to release one of the creatures to its natural habitat. There is some sense of justice in Newt as he believes that by releasing the creature to its habitat even though it is a rescued creature, it is the right thing to do. Thus, I have  decided to put both Nancy and Newt in a scene of an interrogation where Nancy is interrogating Newt on his purpose and reasons in causing harm to the society, which she thinks wizards do.However, in actual fact not all wizards are what she thinks as Newt is a trainor who trains wizards to do better for the society , however, it is just that some wizards were out of his control and they start to bring harm to the society.

Reference Video

I got the idea of having an interrogation scene based on one of the scenes in Newt’s movie Fantastc Beasts and Where to Find Them. Newt is being interrogated by the Director of Magical Security of the Mafical Congress of the United States. In the video, he found out that Newt has come to New York and released many creatures, exposing the identity of wizards. However, Newt denies that fact as he has actually come to New York to release one of his creatures to its natural habitat. However, Newt did not mention this fact to Graves and thus leading to Graves ounishing Newt.

By using this idea of false accusing and the punishment, I could see how my film could have some of these potential ideas. Since one of my character is a detective who believes in the sense of justice and every criminal in her books would end with the criminal getting what they deserve.

Story plot

Newt, a wizard trainer for all wizards has been capturing wizards all across the world and training them in his school so they could use their powers for good to the society. However, not all wizards are good wizards who would just follow his lessons. Some wizards would grow insane once they realise the potential of their powers and use it to cause harm to the society. This has been occurring for many years and Nancy Drew, the police Detective has been tracking down who is the mastermind for all of these harm in the society and has finally caught her, Newt Scamander.

However, it was not his fault. Newt told Nancy that those were wild wizards and had come to bring them back to prevent those wild wizards from growing further insane and so that the society would be safe. Unfortunately, Nancy still does not believe in Newt as she believes that all criminals would have to get what they deserve and sentence him to prison instead.

My point in this whole video is to show how justice is served and who is in the right and wrong. Was it Nancy who thinks that all wizards are bad just because she saw some evidences of how people are cursed by many witches and wizards? Or was it Newt who was coming back to the real world and taking those wild wizards who cause harm to the society and train them for the better so they could bring better to the society?

My Final Video


I think that filming does need to involve a lot of technical work especially when working with a DSLR camera. It was my first time working with such camera. Luckily, I had a partner who was an expert and she could help me in fulfilling the angles I wanted based on my storyboard.

As for the scouting of locations, I have decided to go for an enclosed room that could fulfill the atmosphere of an interrogation scene. Thus, I wanted to look for one of the meeting rooms, however, it was closed to all students. Thus, I had to go to somewhere open more for students which is the computer labs.



4D Alter Ego Research

When I first read the brief to draft out the profile for the characters, I thought that I could change the characters. However, after receiving Ruyi’s advice that I was just supposed to do an analysis of the characters and make it into a dialogue for my film, I have decided that I could change my characters so that it could be made easier for me to put some of the characters in the film and it is also easier for me to create a story. Thus, here are my fifteen characters.


Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themimg_2014

Career: Magizoologist, meaning that he rescues and protects magical creatures around the world. He also finds and documents the creatures he finds in his journey.

Goal: To educate and bring awareness to the wizard world about why they are important and why they need to be protected.

Personality: In the movie, he feels like a bit of an outsider, as he behaves in an awkward manner and is only comfortable with his fellow creatures.

Background: He was a student from Hogwarts, England but was expelled because he endangered a human life with a beast.

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter movie series


Career: A full powered wizard and student at the school of Hogwarts.

Goal: One of her consistent goals throughout the movies was that she  emphasised the meaning of friendship between her two other friends, Harry and Ron as she protects them and saves them from any trouble. For example, in one of the movies, she helps Harry to travel across the country using Dumbledor’s book, and got captured and tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange and being saved by the sacrifice of Dobby, a house elf whom she met.

Personality: An intelligent girl she is, she is always very eager to learn in class and thus, she would always be one of the most outstanding students in the school of Hogwarts. She does this so that she knew many would care less for her identity of being born in a Muggle family. She can be very cool and calm when it comes to solving any problem that she, Harry and Ron meet. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she has helped prepare the Mission to search for the Hallows and Horcruxes which were pieces of Voldemort’s soul that must be destroyed before he can truly die. Thus, she had to wipe of the memory of her parents and sent them off to Australia before Voldermort’s souls could attack them and the whole world. She also planned to travel with Harry across the country to capture Voldermort’s souls.

Background: Hermione was born from a Muggle family, meaning that her parents are non-wizards. However, with her strong passion for learning, she was able to posses and master some magical abilities of a wizard and thus, she was chosen to attend the Hogwarts school.

Elle Woods, Legally Blonde


Career: A senior student majoring in fashion merchandise in University of California but transferred to Harvard Law School to study law thinking that she could win her boyfriend back.

Goal: In the first half of the movie, I could see that Elle’s goal was to win her boyfriend back as her boyfriend broke up with her because his parents and himself wanted someone who is more serious. Thus, thinking that being a serious person would mean being a lawyer, Elle took the LSAT test and managed to enter into Harvard Law School. However, in the second half, I could see that Elle’s goal was just trying to prove herself that she is not just a typical blonde who is just only known for her good looks. She wants to prove to everyone in Harvard, especially her boyfriend that she is someone who has more value and someone who can be a lawyer in charge of a sensational murder trial.

Background: Elle came from a rich family background and a well to do family.

Nancy Drew


Career: A high school student who has moved to California house, which is the home of Dehlia Draycott, a murdered movie star. Thus, this also makes her a teen detective at the same time.

Goals: To help solve unsolved mysteries that includes the case of a murdered movie star, Dehlia Draycott as she feels that she is able to fit in as a detective instead of being a student even though she is being told by her father to be as normal as possible by just concentrating on high school.

Personality: Nancy has always been very persistent and she has this desire to know the truth as she keeps looking for more clues.No matter how difficult the case gets and she is still very persistent in  being a detective just so she could help solve an unsolved mystery or crime in California.

Background: Nancy stays with her widowed father and she accompanied him on his business trip to California. She also studied there as her father is doing his business at the same time. Nancy has also solved quite a few long and unsolved mystery cases and thus she purposely chose to live in the California house where the movie star was murdered.

Anna, Frozen


Career: A princess and a younger sister to Queen Elsa in the royal kingdom of Aerandalle.

Goal: After her memory was being wiped by the trolls when she was much younger, Anna could not seem to remember that her older sister, Elsa actually had ice powers. Thus, throughout the movie, Anna’s main goal was to find out the reason behind Elsa hiding her powers and locking herself away from her. She also wants to get back the very close relationship which they had when they were much younger and thus, she wanted to find evry opportunity she could to talk to her.

Personality: Anna is very determined when she wants to find out more about Elsa’s secret powers even though Elsa told her to stay away, she insisted on talking to her even more so that she could help. Anna is also very feisty, meaning that she is bold and courageous as she was willing to go on this journey to find Elsa even though it could be dangerous as Elsa could not control her powers and she may harm her. Anna is also very loyal to Elsa as a sister as she treasures the fun times both of them had when they were much younger and she still wanted to make it up for her even though Elsa did not want to.

Background:Anna comes from a rich and royalty background in Aerandalle but both of her parents passed away when they were younger and thus she was left alone with her sister Elsa. However, all what Elsa could do was to lock herself away from Anna and making Anna even more lonely .

Public Figures

Demi Lovato



Career: Amercian pop and rock singer and songwrtiter.

Goal: I feel that Demi does make a statement in speaking up for people who felt they had been bullied or having low esteem especially when they suffered from anorexia. This is because Demi was ever in the same situation as them and thus, she wanted to write a song that could send this message of being confident to those group of people.

Personality: Demi may look very confident and she also has a wild side when looking at her music videos in the recent years that would always have her partying. However, she also reveals a soft side of herself when she said that she still wants to be a good role model for teenagers.

Background: Demi was born and raised in Texas to engineer and musician Patrick Martin Lovato and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Diana De La Garza. However, both parents divorced after her second birthday , her father moved back to New Mexico while she continued to stay with her mother who remarried and gave birth to a new sister. Demi was also being bullied when she was in high school so much so that she requested to be home schooled and managed to receive a high school diploma in 2009. She then becme an anti bullying spokesperson for an anti bullying organisation called PACER.

Ellen  DeGenres


Career: American day time television talk show host

Goal: I feel that Ellen is fighting for the homosexualities as she is a homosexual herself as she feels that homosexualities should be given a chance to outshine themselves in the movies. She also fights for freedom and equality as she strongly supported President Barrack Obama to be the President of America who was also the first black person to be an American President. She was also then awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civillian award ,  by President Obama in a live televised series at the White House.

Personality:Freedom is the key to Ellen’s personality as she loves to travel alot and to meet new people around the world. She loves to explore new hobbies for herself so she would not be limited to just one area. Ellen also has a way with her words to make some funny and witty comments in her show whenever she comments about social issues around the world or teasing the celebrities during their interview with her. She is also very generous and giving as she would always help out the unfortunate people by inviting them to her show and learning about their stories, then giving them some cashor cheque or helping them to fulfill any of their wishes.

Background: Ellen was raised as a Christian Scientist at first until her parents divorced and her mother remarried which made them changed their beliefs. After completing her first years of high school in Louisiana , she moved back to New Orleans where she majored in communication studies but dropped out after one semester so she could work for her cousin in a law firm by doing clerical work. She also tried a variety of jobs but none of which would compare her job as an emcee at Clydes Comedy Club and that slowly made her way up to be in the comedy scene as she made her first appearance in The Tonight Show With Jimmy Carson in 1986. She then also started her own television series in 1997 called These Friends Are Mine but the ratings were declining back then and was cancelled. In 2003, she started her own daytime talk show which has proven to be a criticical hit.

Hillary Clinton


Career: A secretary of state in the United States(US), senator from New York , a practicing lawyer and an activist.

Goal: I feel that Hillary is very committed to public service and fighting for others especially for those unfortunate children and families. She wishes to be a change maker for the world and to make the world a better place as she was once a secretary of state in President Obama’s wing that is the Democrats, meaning they are more giving and someone who believes in social and political equality.

Personality: Hillary is someone who is driven with passion and ambition to change the world and making the world to become a better place. She does this by becoming an activist and helping the unfortunate around the world including helping the people in the rural areas of America to expand their small businesses by providing tech support and training programs so they are able to expand their businesses into New York .

Background: Hillary was born into a stable and middle class family. She attended public school including West College where she became more involved with social justice. Before college, she attended one of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech when she was on her way to Chicago with her youth ministry which soarked her attention to social justice. After college, she attended Yale Law School where she met and dated Bill Clinton, but did not become a lawyer after she graduated from there instead she became a volunteer for the Children’s Defense Fund. Thus, this committment to public service and social justice has stayed within her till today when she is in the political scene serving as the first lady with Bill Clinton and the secretary of state after President Obama’s winning of the Presidential Election in 2008.

Audrey Hepburn


Career: Theatre actress and film actress

Goal: Audrey’s goal in life is to commit her life with grace and dedication. She appreciates the limelight that she has as she also shares a passion for her job and enjoys what she is doing. Furthermore, as a foreigner who entered into Hollywood during the 1950s, many of her people that is the Romans actually do see it as a great  opportunity for them to become famous and to make a name for themselves in the big screen in Hollywood. She also deciates her life of being a humanitarian by being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador during her later years as a celebrity.

Personality: She seems like a sophisticated and elegant lady who treats herself with grace and does not behave like a celebrity. For example, she doe snot get caught off guard with the papparazzis, instead they maintain a certain type of friendship during the period of the 1940s to 1950s. She gave exclusive shots to the papparazzis in exchange for the flattering shots they have taken. She is also very appreciating about the life she has as a celebrity and she decides to give back to the society when she goes to Africa by being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador as she understands the type of lives they are leading can also be tough just like her childhood.

Background: Audrey was born in Belgium, 1929. A native of Brussels, she spent most of her years studying in England at a boarding school. After the Nazis invaded the country, she and her mother suffered from hunger and survived by eating turnips and boiled tulip bulbs. After the war, she was saved by the newly formed United Nations. It was also then she managed to achieve her goal  by studying ballet and becoming a ballerina. She made a few stage debuts as she studied ballet in Britain. At the same year, she was introduced to a few minor roles in films such as One Wild Oat (1951) and then was introduced to the Hollywood industry.

Emma Stone


Career: American film actress

Goal: Hope and creativity are both very important to her in life and thus she just hopes that people with big hopes and creativity would not be stopped in their life nd they should not give up.

Personality: A very ambitious lady who sees herself becoming a great actress in the entertainment scene when she was just 15 years old. She can also be very witty and knowledgeable as she came out with some jokes when she performed live on her appearance in Saturday Night Live in 2010 and 2011. She is a very private person but someone who treasures true friendship even though she does not share about her friendship in public, this shows how loyal she is and how protectove she is of her own personal life.

Background: At the age of 15, she already planned to become an actress as she managed to convinced her parents to move to California so she could audition for a film role through a Powerpoint presentation. Thus, she managed to drop put of high school and went to Los Angeles to audition for a film role.

People I know

My father

Career: Self employed estate agent

Goal: To provide the best for his familiy and hope to see his children appreciating what he has done for them in the future as they grow up .

Personality: He can be hot tempered in the past but for now,  it is not as worse as sompared to the past. He is someone who is also devoted to his family as he cares for his children but when communicating to me and my brothers, I could see he is putting in an effort but he sometimes does not know how to express himself.

Background: He grew up in a kampong and is very close to his parents and siblings. During his school days, he can be very talkative and he managed to make a few friends whom he still sees and keep in touch with till today.

My Mother

Career: Self employed part time tutor

Goals: She also hopes that her children would appreciate what she has done for them when she grows up and she also hopes that we would treat her better when she grows older.

Personality: Whenever she is working, she can be too focused on her work such that she would not pay attention to us when we are talking to her. However, when she is not working and her mind is not overloaded with work, she is able to provide some good advice about the difficulties I faced in school or on my moral life.

Background: Unlike my father, she grew up in a city area with her family . She can be quiet in school and thus she was ever bullied but she also had a few friends that could help talk to her.

My college friend, Hui Geok

Career: A full time student in UNISIM.

Goal: She once told me that she would want to become an independent lady living away from her parents  she feels she is able to support herself. However, she also wants to support her mother and provide the best for her mother by reducing her financial burden as she is working and paying for her own bills.

Personality: Hui Geok is very independent and she has a mature mindset because of the way she thinks to help reduce her mother’s financial burden knowing that her mother is not doing well financially in her job. Furthermore, she does not want to depend too much on her mother and thus she would be taking up a part time job to earn some income for herself.

Background: Her parents do not really share a close relationship ever since they got married as her father did not do well in his business and is always depending on hui geok’s mother for finance to operate the business. Hui Geok thus  does not share a good relationship with her faher because of the harsh way he used to treat her when she was much younger which she finds unreasonable but cares for her mother and her siblings.

My primary school friend, Li Qing

Career: A student in UNISIM.

Goal : To be more involved in the arts scene in Singapore when she grows up or an animator as she is very interested in animation.

Personality: Li Qing can be a very fiercely private person as she does not share certain things such as her grades or about her family to her friends. However, she still does treasure true friendship as she would put in an effort for me and my other primary school friend to go out every once a year. She can also be very quiet as we do not talk much during our outings.

Background: As a student studying business in UNISIM, it may not something that she is trying to pursue. Her family is more practical and thus strongly insisted her to study something more practical. However, she is still pursuing her interest of animation in a cca in her school which she enjoys.

My Older Brother

Career: A last year student at SMU university, studying law

Goal: He hopes to achieve a stable job in the future and receiving a stable income that could provide him a better living after he graduates.

Personality: He is very knowledgeable in his own ways as he is exposed to news which also makes his way of thinking to be very logical. He would also be a filial son at times when he puts in an effort to plan the itenary for me and my younger brother, with my parents when we were at Hong Kong to visit him. He can also be very calculative and organised when keeping track of his spendings.

Background: My family has raised him to be more independent and to be more talented in his own ways by sending him to piano lessons and drama classes. However, he only managed to apply the attitude of being independent throughout his life as he could go overseas trip by himself.

My 3 characters

After looking through the characters, I realsied that I was more interested in having characters who are mostly based on science fiction, strongly passionate and determined, very devoted to their jobs.  However,  I thought that I was drawn to the characters from the fiction category where there are science fiction characters. I also think that they have particular aspects which I like about them and admire about them that makes them so unique in the film.   By looking at the categories of my characters under the fiction section, I realised that I could pick these  three characters that could possibly be in my film to make a fantasy and mystery type of film. Listed below are my three characters and why I have chosen them or admire them.


3 Characters

  • Newt

Reason: Newt is someone who is awkward as he feels like an outsider wheneever he is with other people and even with his witches. However, whenever he is with his creatures, he feels more comfortable. I feel that this shows a unique side of him as a normal person would not be talking to such creatures and he can also feel awkward with his fellow witches and wizards. However, what makes me admire him is his compassion and his care for his creatures as he wants to educate the wizard world about the creatures and his strive to protect them to keep them safe from the putside world  shows how devoted he is towards his creatures.

  • Hermione

What is admiring about Hermione is her cool and calm attitude whenever she is planning a mission that she is about to embark with her friends Harry and Ron such as the movie in The Deathly Hallows. Also, despite her being born as a Muggle wizard, she strives to prove herself that she can become a wizard no matter what her background is.

  • Nancy Drew

Her desire for the truth and her persistence is what strikes my attention and her attitude in the movie is what makes me to want to become  a detective like her. She is one who never gives up when it comes to solving to any mysteries and would always take risks if she had to do so to obtain any clues for the mystery.

My 2 characters

With the film genre being thought as something more science fiction and mystery, I actually thought of having Nancy Drew to be with either Hermione or Newt. However, Hermione can be very logical and ,ay seem too much of a perfectionist and she does not seem to have anything to hide for Nancy to solve a mystery. Thus, I have decided to put Newt to be paired up with Nancy instead. In conclusion, my two characters would be Newt Scamander and Nancy Drew.

The Script

Please click on this link below that says script-1 to see the script.


The Location

Labrador Park would seem to be a good location for my story because it has many places with many tunnels which helps to fulfil the idea of having a certain mystery element in the story.




4D Assignment- Movie Theme Discussion

Rear Window
So, after watching the movie, I realised the theme is about alienation that is when people are just being living in their own houses and not being exposed to the other Neighbours’ lived. Thus, when a murder occured around the block, nobody knew anything and they did not eve help. This would also lead to another theme in questioning the meaning of being a good Neighbour. However, for the main character, he is exposed to his Neighbours because he was the witness of a murder scene in one of the blocks and he decided to investigate this murder and stop it.