Halo by Beyonce (Cover)_Presentation 1

Hello, this is Audrelia Lim from Cantabile.

For this assignment, I have chosen to sing Halo by Beyonce . I did have some difficulties when recording even after I have practised a few times. Because I needed to make sure I was using my diaphragm and not my throat to sing.

Author: Audrelia Lim

I am an ADM ( Arts, Design, Media) student from NTU who is interested in Visual Communication, Animation, Film. I always like to see how far my imagination can take me and explore my own creativity skills.

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  1. Hi Audrelia,

    One thing that strikes me about your singing is the muddy consonants. I suggest emphasizing especially your d’s, t’s, p’s, n’s. Have confidence when you go for the high notes! Imagine the note, aim for it, and your body will follow. (Most of the time!)

  2. Hi Audrelia!
    I think you need more confidence and just let go and sing! You should also work on feeling the song rather then trying to hit and get the right key and notes. Focus more on your pitching as well as pronunciation ! You’re doing fine!

  3. Hi Audrelia,

    You seem very tense, try and relax! I think improvements can be made on your pitching and the timing as well as it sounds a little inconsistent. I think you can also try smiling more to get a brighter tone to your voice? Maybe that will help? (PS I don’t really know what I’m talking about, you may ignore the last point).

  4. Hi Audrelia, I think you can improve on your diction and also the pitching.Its really good to hear you singing the song out in a more “bright” manner, which is done by opening your mouth wider so as to optimize the vocal quality. Another thing which you can take note is to work more on the flexibility of your singing.

  5. Hi Audrelia, I can see that you are trying to open up your mouth for a brighter and clearer sound, but you look really tense! I suggest that maybe you can try relaxing and let your voice lead you through the song. Overall it was a good attempt.

  6. Hi Audrelia, i can see that you put in a lot of effort in this song, including opening your mouth bigger etc. However, you can work more on the intonation and try to relax more! You tend to go flat when singing higher notes.

  7. Hey, you made good effort differentiating the different notes. If you were nervous while recording this, I can understand. I took like more than 8 recordings to get settled and even then I don’t sound like how i usually do when I am not recording. Relax your throat a little more and enjoy the process. Good effort!

  8. Audrelia, it’s nice to see that you’re seeking consciously to project your voice and incorporating techniques such as opening your mouth wider to increase tonal power. One suggestion, I think you can do more warmups and practices to open and relax your throat, aiming at maximum freedom of voice expressivity. Be more confident and I’m sure you’ll be great!

  9. Hey Audrelia,

    Really appreciate your effort for opening your mouth to articulate certain words in the lyrics. However, some words weren’t clearly projected and since you were using much of your throat to sing, you were staining your voice towards the end of the clip. You had good control over your breathing, but try not to mumble the words when inhaling or exhaling. Other than that, it was a good attempt.

  10. Self Evaluation

    This is my first time singing a solo performance. I was really nervous because I was singing in front of the camera for the first time as I would usually sing to myself very softly.

    The techniques which Ms Leona taught us to hit high notes to make our voice more high pitch and round seem usesful as I was doing this song. I did try to use it however, I feel that that my voice could have been louder and more round if I had enough confidence. As for my pronunciation, it was probably because I was too nervous and I was trying to sing in tune with the music.

    Initially, I wanted to choose “How Far I’ll Go” which is from Disney’s Moana. But I felt that it was not suitable for me because I was softer and using more of my throat for that song. Furthermore, there were certain parts of the song which was quite fast and I was holding my breath in too much. Thus, I chose a slower song that has more rhythm and allowing me to have more expression.

  11. Hi there! Good attempt on this difficult song. I agree that you should relax more and not stress to hit the high notes! Maybe you can sing them in a lower tone if you’re more comfortable? But I think you did well in pronouncing the words and making sure they were clear

  12. Hi! From the video, I could see you used the mouth flexibly and clearly pronounce the lyrics. To add to it, I think it might be much better by relaxing a bit more. It is good to put full power on every note, but you may also want to try to attempt dynamics in the song

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