Hebe Tien’s Ni Hai Shi Yao Xing Fu

Self evaluation

I think I did have some improvements when comparing to my last rehearsal and my last presentation.

Initially, I did not know which are the songs I should be singing. I did pick a few songs including Halo by Beyoncé and 背判 by 曹格. I tried singing these two songs but I realised Incould not hit the high notes.

For 背叛, the song may seem slow and it started off low. But as it reaches the chorus, it gets higher. As for Halo, it is mostly high and I felt my throat straining afterwards.

The reason of me choosing this song is because I thought the speed of the song was just right for me. Also, I find myself able to adjust my voice slightly lower than the singer to suit this song.

During my practices, I have been using the MC of this song as a guide . I was at first afraid I could not sing along with the music. Thus, I thought it would be better for me if I practiced with the MV. However, I realised the result worked otherwise. During my first rehearsal in front of Ms Leona, I was not singing along with the music. I was singing later than the music and I was also trying my best to sing as fast as I could but it shows. I was even singing with a high voice and straining my throat because I practiced singing with the singer’s voice. Thus, it made me wanting to imitate her voice and thinking I have reached the high notes which I did not.

After the first rehearsal, Ms Leona told me that I was straining my throat and I was too nervous. However, my pronoun citation was clear but it was made too clear as I was too busy emphasising on the pronunciation. Which was true because I thought I should make my words clear so that audiences will know what I am singing about. That was why I practice those jaw exercises and looking in front of the mirror making sure the words I am singing are clearly shown.

But the pronunciation is not really the most important because the most important factor towards a good performance is a singer with sincerity. My group mates even told me that I should try to feel the music.

Hence, I heeded their advice and managed to find a link for an instrumental version of the song. I even adjusted the pitch through Audacity to make it even lower so I can practice better. With the music, I could concentrate on the beat and melody of this song and know when I should start and stop. I also know how to adjust my voice at a suitable pitch and level to suit the music. Then, I practiced hard during the following days whenever and wherever I could.

During the performance, I felt quite nervous but it I was not that shaky compared to the first rehearsal. I could sing with ease as I felt the music and my posture was not as still as before in presentation 1.

But of course, there still can be some room for improvements when I wanted to reach the high note for 幸福. I think I could have done better if I could widen my mouth a bit more to get the effect. And there could have been more emotions as I was a little nervous but I did not show, which was good

別跟著我 銘心 刻骨
確定自己再也不會佔據 你的篇幅
明天 開始 這一切都結

Do not kiss if you are unsure
for love destroys a person easily
Be heartless, staying together
when love turns pale is cruel
The unwanted you left behind,
little by little I will discard them all
I truly wish you will
find forever before I do
I wish you happiness,
do not cause tears to fall from another cheek
All wrongs will end here,
do not follow and stay with me forever
Be truly happy,
so I know I have return it all
Know I will never be part of your life
All this will end when tomorrow comes

Author: Audrelia Lim

I am an ADM ( Arts, Design, Media) student from NTU who is interested in Visual Communication, Animation, Film. I always like to see how far my imagination can take me and explore my own creativity skills.

11 thoughts on “Hebe Tien’s Ni Hai Shi Yao Xing Fu”

  1. Hi Audrelia,

    It was a good singing presentation! I could see your effort to express your strong emotion in the song. Maybe your singing would be better by focusing more on the pitch accuracy especially when you sing long notes and high notes. By practicing it, you would probably be able to enhance your singing voice.

  2. Hi Audrelia, I think your hard work had paid off. I can hear lots of improvement as compared to your first presentation. You improved on your pitching and also the flexibility of your voice. I guess its also due to you being less tense and not being overly concerned about sustaining each note. In fact, you did well in your breath control and also in the clarity of your voice. However, you still have to continue to work hard in your pitching. Nonetheless, good job !

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    Hi Audrelia. Much better since the first time I heard you sing. But at times, you were off key, you need to pay more attention to pitching, I also felt like you were trying too hard to pronounce the words that between each word there was a little pause. You can try to feel the song rather than thinking of how to sing it. Try to listen to the song over and over again. 

  4. Hey Audrelia, I liked your confidence in the beginning better from your first time singing. You sang well but at few instances, your went off key and off pitch especially towards the last part of certain verses. You still need to be more conscious of high notes. At times, I also felt like you were quite low at large segments of the song. When you dragged some notes, they also sounded a bit off. Nonetheless, the mood you tried to set for the song could be felt, so good job on that. 

  5. Audrelia, good improvements! I can see the effort you put in to work on your pitching and rhythm, so kudos to you! To improve, I think you can relax more and emphasis less on each syllable. When you are singing, you tend to articulate each word with equal force. You can work on stringing the words together so that you connect your words to the melody, so you will sound more natural. Overall, nicely done! 

  6. Hi Audrelia, you really improved a lot from your previous performance/practices. I can see that you’ve put in lots of effort to make this happen. Good job! I can also tell that you enjoyed your performance and delivered it with sincerity. If you put in more consistent effort, you’ll definitely do better. I feel that for this song, maybe you can try using a brighter tone as i felt a brighter tone would be more suitable. You can try lifting your cheekbones up. Your articulation was quite clear as well. Overall good effort!

  7. Hi Audrelia, you improved a lot and i think you are getting much more comfortable with singing! Compared to the previous presentation, you are more natrual now and as much as you try to clearly articulate the words , it will be good if you pay attention to the pitching. There were still some part that sounded a little throat but that is prolly because you are nervous. I can see that you tried to apply whatever you learn into this song. Well done!

  8. Hi Audrelia, I think the improvements for your performance are evident. Maybe in future, you can try aiming for a lower note as you may be more comfortable. Your voice also sounded a little strained at some parts when you were trying to hit the notes at the chorus. You can also use more breath support to better support the notes!

  9. Hi Audrelia, your pitching has definitely improved a lot since the video presentation! I think you can still work on opening up and relaxing your upper range though, and maybe relaxing your entire body in general might help you with pitching as you’d be less tense. Keep singing at every chance you can, in public, with friends, or alone – that too can help you to relax when performing.

  10. Hi Aufrelia,

    As everyone has already previously mentioned, you definitely have improved since your cover of Halo. I’m not adding anything new to what people have already commented on but I just want to add that your voice sounded a little strain and a little restricted, particularly during the higher notes. I also think articulation and clarity can be improved to make your performance more impactful. Well done!


  11. Hi Audrelia,

    First of all, you’ve improved a great deal since the first submission. I think you picked the right song. I think you could improve on diction and clarity in your singing. Try to physically relax and keep good posture, it might help!


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