4D Alter Ego Research

When I first read the brief to draft out the profile for the characters, I thought that I could change the characters. However, after receiving Ruyi’s advice that I was just supposed to do an analysis of the characters and make it into a dialogue for my film, I have decided that I could change my characters so that it could be made easier for me to put some of the characters in the film and it is also easier for me to create a story. Thus, here are my fifteen characters.


Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themimg_2014

Career: Magizoologist, meaning that he rescues and protects magical creatures around the world. He also finds and documents the creatures he finds in his journey.

Goal: To educate and bring awareness to the wizard world about why they are important and why they need to be protected.

Personality: In the movie, he feels like a bit of an outsider, as he behaves in an awkward manner and is only comfortable with his fellow creatures.

Background: He was a student from Hogwarts, England but was expelled because he endangered a human life with a beast.

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter movie series


Career: A full powered wizard and student at the school of Hogwarts.

Goal: One of her consistent goals throughout the movies was that she  emphasised the meaning of friendship between her two other friends, Harry and Ron as she protects them and saves them from any trouble. For example, in one of the movies, she helps Harry to travel across the country using Dumbledor’s book, and got captured and tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange and being saved by the sacrifice of Dobby, a house elf whom she met.

Personality: An intelligent girl she is, she is always very eager to learn in class and thus, she would always be one of the most outstanding students in the school of Hogwarts. She does this so that she knew many would care less for her identity of being born in a Muggle family. She can be very cool and calm when it comes to solving any problem that she, Harry and Ron meet. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she has helped prepare the Mission to search for the Hallows and Horcruxes which were pieces of Voldemort’s soul that must be destroyed before he can truly die. Thus, she had to wipe of the memory of her parents and sent them off to Australia before Voldermort’s souls could attack them and the whole world. She also planned to travel with Harry across the country to capture Voldermort’s souls.

Background: Hermione was born from a Muggle family, meaning that her parents are non-wizards. However, with her strong passion for learning, she was able to posses and master some magical abilities of a wizard and thus, she was chosen to attend the Hogwarts school.

Elle Woods, Legally Blonde


Career: A senior student majoring in fashion merchandise in University of California but transferred to Harvard Law School to study law thinking that she could win her boyfriend back.

Goal: In the first half of the movie, I could see that Elle’s goal was to win her boyfriend back as her boyfriend broke up with her because his parents and himself wanted someone who is more serious. Thus, thinking that being a serious person would mean being a lawyer, Elle took the LSAT test and managed to enter into Harvard Law School. However, in the second half, I could see that Elle’s goal was just trying to prove herself that she is not just a typical blonde who is just only known for her good looks. She wants to prove to everyone in Harvard, especially her boyfriend that she is someone who has more value and someone who can be a lawyer in charge of a sensational murder trial.

Background: Elle came from a rich family background and a well to do family.

Nancy Drew


Career: A high school student who has moved to California house, which is the home of Dehlia Draycott, a murdered movie star. Thus, this also makes her a teen detective at the same time.

Goals: To help solve unsolved mysteries that includes the case of a murdered movie star, Dehlia Draycott as she feels that she is able to fit in as a detective instead of being a student even though she is being told by her father to be as normal as possible by just concentrating on high school.

Personality: Nancy has always been very persistent and she has this desire to know the truth as she keeps looking for more clues.No matter how difficult the case gets and she is still very persistent in  being a detective just so she could help solve an unsolved mystery or crime in California.

Background: Nancy stays with her widowed father and she accompanied him on his business trip to California. She also studied there as her father is doing his business at the same time. Nancy has also solved quite a few long and unsolved mystery cases and thus she purposely chose to live in the California house where the movie star was murdered.

Anna, Frozen


Career: A princess and a younger sister to Queen Elsa in the royal kingdom of Aerandalle.

Goal: After her memory was being wiped by the trolls when she was much younger, Anna could not seem to remember that her older sister, Elsa actually had ice powers. Thus, throughout the movie, Anna’s main goal was to find out the reason behind Elsa hiding her powers and locking herself away from her. She also wants to get back the very close relationship which they had when they were much younger and thus, she wanted to find evry opportunity she could to talk to her.

Personality: Anna is very determined when she wants to find out more about Elsa’s secret powers even though Elsa told her to stay away, she insisted on talking to her even more so that she could help. Anna is also very feisty, meaning that she is bold and courageous as she was willing to go on this journey to find Elsa even though it could be dangerous as Elsa could not control her powers and she may harm her. Anna is also very loyal to Elsa as a sister as she treasures the fun times both of them had when they were much younger and she still wanted to make it up for her even though Elsa did not want to.

Background:Anna comes from a rich and royalty background in Aerandalle but both of her parents passed away when they were younger and thus she was left alone with her sister Elsa. However, all what Elsa could do was to lock herself away from Anna and making Anna even more lonely .

Public Figures

Demi Lovato



Career: Amercian pop and rock singer and songwrtiter.

Goal: I feel that Demi does make a statement in speaking up for people who felt they had been bullied or having low esteem especially when they suffered from anorexia. This is because Demi was ever in the same situation as them and thus, she wanted to write a song that could send this message of being confident to those group of people.

Personality: Demi may look very confident and she also has a wild side when looking at her music videos in the recent years that would always have her partying. However, she also reveals a soft side of herself when she said that she still wants to be a good role model for teenagers.

Background: Demi was born and raised in Texas to engineer and musician Patrick Martin Lovato and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Diana De La Garza. However, both parents divorced after her second birthday , her father moved back to New Mexico while she continued to stay with her mother who remarried and gave birth to a new sister. Demi was also being bullied when she was in high school so much so that she requested to be home schooled and managed to receive a high school diploma in 2009. She then becme an anti bullying spokesperson for an anti bullying organisation called PACER.

Ellen  DeGenres


Career: American day time television talk show host

Goal: I feel that Ellen is fighting for the homosexualities as she is a homosexual herself as she feels that homosexualities should be given a chance to outshine themselves in the movies. She also fights for freedom and equality as she strongly supported President Barrack Obama to be the President of America who was also the first black person to be an American President. She was also then awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civillian award ,  by President Obama in a live televised series at the White House.

Personality:Freedom is the key to Ellen’s personality as she loves to travel alot and to meet new people around the world. She loves to explore new hobbies for herself so she would not be limited to just one area. Ellen also has a way with her words to make some funny and witty comments in her show whenever she comments about social issues around the world or teasing the celebrities during their interview with her. She is also very generous and giving as she would always help out the unfortunate people by inviting them to her show and learning about their stories, then giving them some cashor cheque or helping them to fulfill any of their wishes.

Background: Ellen was raised as a Christian Scientist at first until her parents divorced and her mother remarried which made them changed their beliefs. After completing her first years of high school in Louisiana , she moved back to New Orleans where she majored in communication studies but dropped out after one semester so she could work for her cousin in a law firm by doing clerical work. She also tried a variety of jobs but none of which would compare her job as an emcee at Clydes Comedy Club and that slowly made her way up to be in the comedy scene as she made her first appearance in The Tonight Show With Jimmy Carson in 1986. She then also started her own television series in 1997 called These Friends Are Mine but the ratings were declining back then and was cancelled. In 2003, she started her own daytime talk show which has proven to be a criticical hit.

Hillary Clinton


Career: A secretary of state in the United States(US), senator from New York , a practicing lawyer and an activist.

Goal: I feel that Hillary is very committed to public service and fighting for others especially for those unfortunate children and families. She wishes to be a change maker for the world and to make the world a better place as she was once a secretary of state in President Obama’s wing that is the Democrats, meaning they are more giving and someone who believes in social and political equality.

Personality: Hillary is someone who is driven with passion and ambition to change the world and making the world to become a better place. She does this by becoming an activist and helping the unfortunate around the world including helping the people in the rural areas of America to expand their small businesses by providing tech support and training programs so they are able to expand their businesses into New York .

Background: Hillary was born into a stable and middle class family. She attended public school including West College where she became more involved with social justice. Before college, she attended one of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech when she was on her way to Chicago with her youth ministry which soarked her attention to social justice. After college, she attended Yale Law School where she met and dated Bill Clinton, but did not become a lawyer after she graduated from there instead she became a volunteer for the Children’s Defense Fund. Thus, this committment to public service and social justice has stayed within her till today when she is in the political scene serving as the first lady with Bill Clinton and the secretary of state after President Obama’s winning of the Presidential Election in 2008.

Audrey Hepburn


Career: Theatre actress and film actress

Goal: Audrey’s goal in life is to commit her life with grace and dedication. She appreciates the limelight that she has as she also shares a passion for her job and enjoys what she is doing. Furthermore, as a foreigner who entered into Hollywood during the 1950s, many of her people that is the Romans actually do see it as a great  opportunity for them to become famous and to make a name for themselves in the big screen in Hollywood. She also deciates her life of being a humanitarian by being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador during her later years as a celebrity.

Personality: She seems like a sophisticated and elegant lady who treats herself with grace and does not behave like a celebrity. For example, she doe snot get caught off guard with the papparazzis, instead they maintain a certain type of friendship during the period of the 1940s to 1950s. She gave exclusive shots to the papparazzis in exchange for the flattering shots they have taken. She is also very appreciating about the life she has as a celebrity and she decides to give back to the society when she goes to Africa by being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador as she understands the type of lives they are leading can also be tough just like her childhood.

Background: Audrey was born in Belgium, 1929. A native of Brussels, she spent most of her years studying in England at a boarding school. After the Nazis invaded the country, she and her mother suffered from hunger and survived by eating turnips and boiled tulip bulbs. After the war, she was saved by the newly formed United Nations. It was also then she managed to achieve her goal  by studying ballet and becoming a ballerina. She made a few stage debuts as she studied ballet in Britain. At the same year, she was introduced to a few minor roles in films such as One Wild Oat (1951) and then was introduced to the Hollywood industry.

Emma Stone


Career: American film actress

Goal: Hope and creativity are both very important to her in life and thus she just hopes that people with big hopes and creativity would not be stopped in their life nd they should not give up.

Personality: A very ambitious lady who sees herself becoming a great actress in the entertainment scene when she was just 15 years old. She can also be very witty and knowledgeable as she came out with some jokes when she performed live on her appearance in Saturday Night Live in 2010 and 2011. She is a very private person but someone who treasures true friendship even though she does not share about her friendship in public, this shows how loyal she is and how protectove she is of her own personal life.

Background: At the age of 15, she already planned to become an actress as she managed to convinced her parents to move to California so she could audition for a film role through a Powerpoint presentation. Thus, she managed to drop put of high school and went to Los Angeles to audition for a film role.

People I know

My father

Career: Self employed estate agent

Goal: To provide the best for his familiy and hope to see his children appreciating what he has done for them in the future as they grow up .

Personality: He can be hot tempered in the past but for now,  it is not as worse as sompared to the past. He is someone who is also devoted to his family as he cares for his children but when communicating to me and my brothers, I could see he is putting in an effort but he sometimes does not know how to express himself.

Background: He grew up in a kampong and is very close to his parents and siblings. During his school days, he can be very talkative and he managed to make a few friends whom he still sees and keep in touch with till today.

My Mother

Career: Self employed part time tutor

Goals: She also hopes that her children would appreciate what she has done for them when she grows up and she also hopes that we would treat her better when she grows older.

Personality: Whenever she is working, she can be too focused on her work such that she would not pay attention to us when we are talking to her. However, when she is not working and her mind is not overloaded with work, she is able to provide some good advice about the difficulties I faced in school or on my moral life.

Background: Unlike my father, she grew up in a city area with her family . She can be quiet in school and thus she was ever bullied but she also had a few friends that could help talk to her.

My college friend, Hui Geok

Career: A full time student in UNISIM.

Goal: She once told me that she would want to become an independent lady living away from her parents  she feels she is able to support herself. However, she also wants to support her mother and provide the best for her mother by reducing her financial burden as she is working and paying for her own bills.

Personality: Hui Geok is very independent and she has a mature mindset because of the way she thinks to help reduce her mother’s financial burden knowing that her mother is not doing well financially in her job. Furthermore, she does not want to depend too much on her mother and thus she would be taking up a part time job to earn some income for herself.

Background: Her parents do not really share a close relationship ever since they got married as her father did not do well in his business and is always depending on hui geok’s mother for finance to operate the business. Hui Geok thus  does not share a good relationship with her faher because of the harsh way he used to treat her when she was much younger which she finds unreasonable but cares for her mother and her siblings.

My primary school friend, Li Qing

Career: A student in UNISIM.

Goal : To be more involved in the arts scene in Singapore when she grows up or an animator as she is very interested in animation.

Personality: Li Qing can be a very fiercely private person as she does not share certain things such as her grades or about her family to her friends. However, she still does treasure true friendship as she would put in an effort for me and my other primary school friend to go out every once a year. She can also be very quiet as we do not talk much during our outings.

Background: As a student studying business in UNISIM, it may not something that she is trying to pursue. Her family is more practical and thus strongly insisted her to study something more practical. However, she is still pursuing her interest of animation in a cca in her school which she enjoys.

My Older Brother

Career: A last year student at SMU university, studying law

Goal: He hopes to achieve a stable job in the future and receiving a stable income that could provide him a better living after he graduates.

Personality: He is very knowledgeable in his own ways as he is exposed to news which also makes his way of thinking to be very logical. He would also be a filial son at times when he puts in an effort to plan the itenary for me and my younger brother, with my parents when we were at Hong Kong to visit him. He can also be very calculative and organised when keeping track of his spendings.

Background: My family has raised him to be more independent and to be more talented in his own ways by sending him to piano lessons and drama classes. However, he only managed to apply the attitude of being independent throughout his life as he could go overseas trip by himself.

My 3 characters

After looking through the characters, I realsied that I was more interested in having characters who are mostly based on science fiction, strongly passionate and determined, very devoted to their jobs.  However,  I thought that I was drawn to the characters from the fiction category where there are science fiction characters. I also think that they have particular aspects which I like about them and admire about them that makes them so unique in the film.   By looking at the categories of my characters under the fiction section, I realised that I could pick these  three characters that could possibly be in my film to make a fantasy and mystery type of film. Listed below are my three characters and why I have chosen them or admire them.


3 Characters

  • Newt

Reason: Newt is someone who is awkward as he feels like an outsider wheneever he is with other people and even with his witches. However, whenever he is with his creatures, he feels more comfortable. I feel that this shows a unique side of him as a normal person would not be talking to such creatures and he can also feel awkward with his fellow witches and wizards. However, what makes me admire him is his compassion and his care for his creatures as he wants to educate the wizard world about the creatures and his strive to protect them to keep them safe from the putside world  shows how devoted he is towards his creatures.

  • Hermione

What is admiring about Hermione is her cool and calm attitude whenever she is planning a mission that she is about to embark with her friends Harry and Ron such as the movie in The Deathly Hallows. Also, despite her being born as a Muggle wizard, she strives to prove herself that she can become a wizard no matter what her background is.

  • Nancy Drew

Her desire for the truth and her persistence is what strikes my attention and her attitude in the movie is what makes me to want to become  a detective like her. She is one who never gives up when it comes to solving to any mysteries and would always take risks if she had to do so to obtain any clues for the mystery.

My 2 characters

With the film genre being thought as something more science fiction and mystery, I actually thought of having Nancy Drew to be with either Hermione or Newt. However, Hermione can be very logical and ,ay seem too much of a perfectionist and she does not seem to have anything to hide for Nancy to solve a mystery. Thus, I have decided to put Newt to be paired up with Nancy instead. In conclusion, my two characters would be Newt Scamander and Nancy Drew.

The Script

Please click on this link below that says script-1 to see the script.


The Location

Labrador Park would seem to be a good location for my story because it has many places with many tunnels which helps to fulfil the idea of having a certain mystery element in the story.