A Perfect Day For Banana Fish Perspective Drawing (Revised)


Muriel’s bedroom

Reference Images

Perspective Reference


Design Reference

After doing some research in the character and the script, I realised that a typical queen sized bed would suit her. During class, we discussed how she resembles  American Beauty’s Carolyn who is very sophisticated and vain of herself, giving Muriel a luxury queen sized bed is more appropriate.

With that in mind, I had to do research on how a hotel bedroom would look like during the late 1940s and 1950s. I found that the bedrooms would be similar to what we have today but more elaborated. The curtains and bed would be long and draped with some floral designs.

Hence, I took note of these features in how everything is draped and long to make them look more luxorious for Muriel. I also added a bench infront of the window that has sophisticated designs for the arms by just having a curve like feature. This little difference would help to bring up the level of elegance of design for Muriel’s hotel bedroom.


Elevator Scene


Reference Image

I feel that by having a more top down perspective is more appropriate for this scene because the character, Seymour’s other personality is being revealed.  In the previous scene at the beach, he was more fatherly towards a child but in this scene there was a sudden change as he starts getting more paranoid.

Thus, this view acts like a camera in the elevator where it captures the real and negative personality of Seymour. He started accusing the lady who got so scared of him. In my drawing, the lady is clinching on to her jacket tightly and her shoulder is straightened as she is scared and disturbed by Seymour’s paranoid personality.



Storyboard assignment 2

For my story “Little Wizard”, I made an argument between the little wizard’s Mother and the little wizard, Jane herself.

For my three versions of the  story, I have decided to focus on the perspectives from the different characters. This is because I realise that when I focus on the different character’s perspective, the tone of the story can change.


Please click on the link above ” Little Wizard” to access to my script.

Version 1

For version 1, I have decided to follow according to the script of the story. The story was meant to show an intense relationship between Jane and her Mother when they are arguing because of how Jane wants to save her pet but her Mother does not allow her. Thus, it is shown in the seventh image where both characters are shown arguing. I have emphasised the shadow behind them to show how both the characters feel and the relationship between them during the argument is intense. From the second image to the fourth image, I also want to capture how the character feels at that moment and to establish who the character is talking to in each frame and why is the character behaving in such manner. The last frame is showing how the Mother is losing her Daughter as she could not stop her from leaving the house.


Version 2

Version 2 is leaning towards the mother’s perspective. From the first frame, the mother’s face is seen and from her posture, she seemed startled as she is turning her head to look at what just happened and realised that it is her Daughter. However, in the second frame, the mother’s face is cropped because she feels that her Daughter is trying to refute to her argument. Thus, I have chosen to make her less superior as she seemed less prominent because I want to show how angry she is which would lead to the third frame. The third frame shows how superior the Mother is when she is telling Jane that she should give up in saving by her pet. However, her superiority soon went down as her Daughter refused to listen to her and the mother’s image would thus become less prominent and smaller compared to the Daughter. This is shown in the last frame where the Mother is trying to stop her Daughter from leaving the house but she could not because her Daughter refused to listen to her and she dashed out of the house. Thus, the Mother is shown at a very far distance. This whole story resembles Jane’s Mother way of narrating her own story and how she feels as her Daughter does not listen to her.

Version 3

Version 3 is focusing on Jane’s perspective. This is again, showing the emotions of how Jane feels on what her Mother is trying to tell her and how strongly she feels about saving her pet. Thus, I have made Jane to be more prominent in most of my frames. Just like version two, the whole story resembles Jane’s own part of the story.