“No Matter What I Gotta Get In There.” Perspective Drawing


A struggling farmer from Indonesia whose goal was to get a highly paid job in a developed country finds himself in an environment that was more crucial than he thinks.


Character Profile

Name: Ahmad

Goals: To work hard and earn money for his family.

Birth place/Country: Indonesia , rural part

Income state: very low and only dependent on meagre amounts of income

Job: farmer


In a rural village of Indonesia, a struggling farmer named Ahmad worked tirelessly but earning meagre amounts of money for his family.

His wife was  in the last second stage of cancer  motivated him to keep holding on to the job overseas. He loved his wife and wants her illness to be treated so they could be together with their children. He also wants his children to be happy living in a complete family and having a better life rather than their current state of poverty.

Fatimah, an old neighbour of Ahmad recommended that he should go to Japan and work as an engineer. She mentioned that her husband  is currently working in TOSHIBA  and he is highly paid. Every month, he would bring back  heaps amount of cash and food items that could feed their daily necessities.

At first, Ahmad was hesitant in leaving his wife and children whom he loved dearly. He could not bear to see his wife suffering and his four children to live off without his provision of income. Furthermore, he was afraid he could not meet up the working demands in Japan as the only skill he has is farming.

However, Fatimah managed to convinced him that Japan does provide training program for his engineering skills. Also knowing that his family is still living in a dire state of poverty, Fatimah strongly encouraged Ahmad to work in Japan and bring back happiness to his family. As for his absence, she has offered to look after his children by letting them stay in her place until his income was stable.

Ahmad knew that he wanted to see his family healthy and happy as always and living under a new protected shelter. With that in mind, he immediately agreed to Fatimah’s recommendation and asked her to book a flight ticket as soon as possible.

The next morning, Fatimah went to Ahmad’s house and passed him his flight tickets. She told him to fly as soon as possible and report to the Human Resources Director Satsuki for his interview.    Before that, she had convinced his wife and children to stay at her place as he was leaving for Japan. With a heavy heart, Ahmad stepped outside of the house taking one last look at his family before leaving for the airport.

Rising action

When Ahmad landed in Japan, the first thing he realised was the tight security and how unwelcoming Japan was towards refugees. The guards even suspected that he could be a terrorist and did a spot check on him even though he was not carrying any weapons. Few hours later, he was released by the guards but  was late for his job at TOSHIBA.


From the moment he arrived at TOSHIBA, he rushed to Director Satsuki’s office hoping that he could still clinch that job as an engineer.  Unfortunately as Japan favoured punctuality and time in work , Director Satsuki rejected him without giving an interview.

Ahmad was not sad but worried as he was unable to get a stable job in Japan which could help bring income for his family. Furthermore, he was thrown in a foreign country wondering around jobless.

Tries to deal with it

However, that did not stop him to leave the country. In order to provide the best for his family, he had to search for a job that could bring in high and stable income for their lives. So, he started roaming around the streets and finding for Wanted Jobs advertisements in any company he could find. It was not long until he found a job at a fast food restaurant as a dishwasher  located a few blocks away from TOSHIBA.  Luckily, the restaurant accepted him because they were shortage of workers and it was the peak period.

Though being a dishwasher was not the job he wanted but it was all he could take in order to earn an income for his family. He had to face harsh criticisms and yells from his  supervisor just because he was a foreigner.

Character resolves the problem

Days passed and Ahmad was still working at the restaurant receiving criticisms from his supervisor. Holding onto the hope that he could get a high paid job in any company, he continued to stay in Japan. However, this decision was going to be changed.

On Monday, during the lunch hour, Ahmad’s old neighbour Muthu  came into the fast food restaurant and spotted a scene at the dining area. To his surprise, he saw Ahmad being reprimanded by the supervisor and even heard that it was just a small mistake he made when he forgot to clean one of the tables.

After which, he came and talked to Ahmad about his living conditions in Japan alongside with his family. Understanding that his family was in dire state of poverty and his wife’s illness was deteriorating, Muthu suggested that Ahmad should not continue living like this. Despite his goal to get a highly paid job for his family, he should not be staying in Japan but instead go to another developed country.

Muthu offered a job as an engineer to Ahmad at another TOSHIBA company but it was  in Singapore . He suggested that Singapore provides better working environments and higher paid jobs for foreign workers like Ahmad.

With no hesitation, Ahmad immediately agreed Muthu’s offer and told him to book a flight to Singapore as soon as possible. This time, there was no mistake and no regrets in his decision.

Few years later, Ahmad was still working in Singapore’s TOSHIBA company and he was receiving a much higher pay than his job in Japan. His wife’s cancer illness was also treated  as Ahmad managed to bring his wife over to Singapore for operations. As for his children, they have been staying with Ahmad ever since he started earning a stable income in Singapore and living under a new, well protected shelter over their heads.

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