Knowing that I had to use a stereotype, motifs, symbols, icons in my storyboard. I have decided to use one of then that is stereotype.

By looking through the story, I did see a part where Muriel told her mum her husband called her Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948. It sounds like what a beauty pageant queen would be saying and it suits Muriel’s character. Furthermore, Muriel seems to be full of herself in this whole conversation and she cares mostly about her image.

With that in mind, the beauty queens would be her stereotype as she has the need to be image conscious and vain.

Image References

These are a few of the image references which I used for the perspectives and the designs of my characters.

Perspective of the first image in the first scene when Muriel is in the hotel’s bathroom.

Image reference for the stereotype of Muriel using Audrey Hepburn. However, I only referenced the body and not the face because for my stereotype frame, I like to place emphasis on the sash which says “Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948.” I did use the gloves and the curvy feature of a woman’s body to show how Muriel can be an attractive yet 


Image reference on how a woman would light her cigarette as Muriel would tend to smoke quite a few times during the conversation. This could also be part of my stereotype because it shows how a specific gender would light up a cigarette and a women would do it differently  from men. 


Perspective reference on how Muriel can be seated at her window seat while talking to her mother on the phone. Muriel would be seated in the corner instead of the middle so that there would not be too much focus on the center and fewer match cuts for my frames. 


Perspective reference for the sunburn scene as Muriel talks about this incident to her mother. This image places emphasis on Muriel’s sunburn as she is closer to us and we could focus our attention on her . We could also understand very easily on what the topic both Muriel and her mother are talking about as they tend to change their topic a few times in the story.