Week 1 journal

After watching the video, I have learnt that art history is not just what we always think it should be. It is not just sitting in dark lecture rooms and lookin at images of paintngs, listening to peoples’ names we may or may not know.

Art history is mostly talking about influences, the borrowing of ideas that leads to the variety of artworks we see. The exchanging of materials could allow us to be more exposed to different materials for 3d sculptures, clay works.

Because art is an aesthetic, therr is no one fixed way of looking at art. In fact, there ae many ways including iconographically, psychoanalytically. One can study a painting and have different interpretations giving critiques. This is similar to our art works we present in our school as many will have different opinions.


Author: Audrelia Lim

I am an ADM ( Arts, Design, Media) student from NTU who is interested in Visual Communication, Animation, Film. I always like to see how far my imagination can take me and explore my own creativity skills.

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