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Keywork Selection/ Lit Tree

Following the artist selection, the work that I will be further elaborating on in my hyper essay is Kimchi and Chip’s Lit Tree. An installation made in 2011 , Lit Tree is a light projection piece that makes use of a tree as its canvas. It explores on the concept of Interactivity where there is a perceptual conversation between the spectator, technology and the tree.

Kimchi and Chips-Lit Tree, 2011. Retrieved from:

Upon approaching the installation, the spectator gets to have his hand scanned and mapped onto the tree. Then, as the spectator makes gestures towards the tree, the patterns of light is projected on the tree according to the gestures made, helping to create an interaction between humans and nature.

This piece is interesting as it incorporates nature, instead of a projection on a normal screen as we are used to,  they have chosen to work with an actual plant, expanding the possibilities of interactive art.