1. Hi Amanda!

    I would love to share with you two references before I begin just to showcase this soft smokey feel in an image

    Steven Meisel Vogue Italia June 2011


    Steven Meisel Vogue Italia September 2014



    So I think you have definitely refined and achieved an aesthetic that is well done as compared to the test images we have seen last week! So happy for you!

    I do think there are a few things you can definitely improve in the post digital processes here!

    Please see my edit here

    Now with aesthetics aside, I do feel my main curiosity here is how you are going to develop your series content wise?

    Would it be a series of portraits or is it narrative based (with a theme or story format aka Tim walker fairytale style?)

    Seeing your images, I am inspired to share with you Tim Walker’s portrait work (please look mostly at the simplified ones with the white backgrounds)


    I do hope that can somewhat further expand your thought process, seeing how to study the eccentric combinations of elements (props, styling) and pose.

    I do hope that helps!!!!




    • Hi Bryan,

      Thank you for the feedback and references! I will look through them and use them as inspiration for the next project. I will also try to think of ways to develop my concept/content further. Also, thank you for the edit, it is beautiful:’)