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4D II | Project 2 – Soundscape

D I S J O I N T E D  E X I S T E N C E


Often we move along day to day with a being present, that presence helps us acknowledge what we know and see around us. The absence of that being who would give us our bearings makes no difference as our being is attached to the surroundings and we move from place to place and hear common sounds around us. Despite this familiarity, sometimes we still choose to lose ourselves to the surroundings. In this we think of our own elements, feelings and how we are attached to familiarity. This soundscape portrays the absence of the human but the journey of a being. Take a walk with her, hold her hand and be part of this journey.

We attach ourselves to the surroundings, yet at the same time we detach our minds, going into things that have no link to what’s around us. I used common sounds such as construction sites, busses, the familiar sound of keys (home) and others. The journey of my soundscape is cheery and upbeat, very present. However, as we move on, there is a distortion of sound and a change in tone of the audio. This, I feel is the darker element of ourselves as we get detached from our present surroundings. Thus I went from a lighter tone to a darker distorted tone to convey and express the difference with our presence and mentalities.


ha ha, this was an interesting project as sound isn’t my forte and I wasn’t very clear of what soundscape or sonic portrait I should do as there were various themes that I wanted to explore. For example, the coffee shop uncle, the mama shop uncle or different locations. However, I finally decided on doing what was very present and evident to me, and it is something that affects me a lot, and that was the surroundings around me.

My initial sounds we very flat and constant, there was no journey but loud jarring sounds that didn’t really link. Then I tried to seamlessly tie them together so that it seems like that of a journey and how the constant sound of our surroundings are.

I feel the hardest part is how to portray and convey my ideas fully because my understanding of the theme and thoughtful may not come out fully and properly. What I did was try to change how I think and keep in mind the locations, movement and time that I needed to narrow down to.

Hope you enjoyed the audio clip and understood the message I wanted to convey. Thank you.