Yonder’s View

Beauty is an amalgamation of elements that work together seamlessly to unify. Such is the case with nature and its five elements(五行)generating a force that conjoins fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

Yonder’s View was inspired by an Eastern view of yin and yang forces, translated in the colours used. There is beauty in the interconnectedness of colours and their ability to create an entire universe of its own. A more westernised approach was used in the interpretation of Eastern ideologies through the use of different stroking and paint techniques.

It tells of the connection between beauty and nature, bringing all the elements together as one.

Yonder’s View, 2017.
Portrait Banner composition.
Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by Amadea Low

Golden Little Boys, 2017. Digital horizontal composition. Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by Seng Yi LingYonder’s View, 2017.
Digital horizontal composition.
Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by Amadea Low


3840 (W) pixels x 480 (H) pixels.
Medium LED
15m by 2m
North Spine Plaza Media Art Nexus
NTU Singapore
16 November 2017

Yonder, 2017. 
Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by Amadea Low

Yonder, 2017. LED
Copyrighted & All Rights Reserved by Amadea Low



(please view for complete visuals of the entire process and journey)


Created by Amadea (amadealow@gmail.com)
Please ask for permission before use.


research moodboard

Patterns | Research, progress and moodboard 1

Patterns | Moodboard Presentation


visual experimentation

Patterns | Experimentation 1


Patterns | Progress – sketches

first banner draft

Patterns | Banner progress



Patterns | Banner progress


From my previous paintings, I manipulated it and tried to find elements to piece together a more oriental background. I play around with colour, adjusting the saturation, hue and contrast etc. I manipulated the shapes, warping and skewing it. Also, I played around with the photoshop laying to try to find the best look to best match the banner. With the addition of the oriental herbs that i’ll soon try to incorporate, i’ll be more complete with the oriental abstract idea. However, the struggle now is that the image is very pixelated because of the extreme crop. But I also like it because of the texture and dimensions it gives to the banner. I’m not sure if I should kee the image of recreate it other forms.

But I hope you enjoy this first draft of the banner!

Patterns | Moodboard Presentation







Patterns | Experimentation 1

I was experimenting with paints to look for different patterns and meanings with what I was doing but here’s a brief introduction to the series of things I’m thinking of and the colours I want to play with! But this was just layering stroke over stroke with strong colours. I would title this series blood for blood as it used strong bold colours and the vivid and large chunky strokes that splash a cross reads this imagery in my mind. Also I was watching a law case at this time of painting and it further shows the mood I was in.

I took to editing and playing with photoshop to further enhance and create different imageries for this series.

original piece