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From my previous paintings, I manipulated it and tried to find elements to piece together a more oriental background. I play around with colour, adjusting the saturation, hue and contrast etc. I manipulated the shapes, warping and skewing it. Also, I played around with the photoshop laying to try to find the best look to best match the banner. With the addition of the oriental herbs that i’ll soon try to incorporate, i’ll be more complete with the oriental abstract idea. However, the struggle now is that the image is very pixelated because of the extreme crop. But I also like it because of the texture and dimensions it gives to the banner. I’m not sure if I should kee the image of recreate it other forms.

But I hope you enjoy this first draft of the banner!

  1. ok! make sure u have the right size for the banner.(3564 by 420) i really enjoy the feel of the banner – it looks like an ancient scroll.. .now the only issues will be the size of the files and quality …we always have this challenge.I really like the wave form at the bottom. it would be awesome to incorporate some thin drawings of fauna or plants