2D | Forrest Gump – Journal and Process

I’m back with another journal for my next 2D project. This time round, the bulk of it was digital. I enjoyed this project very much as I could play around with images and it really pushed out my creativity and ideas. It wasn’t easy to formulate my images according to my quotes but I tried to do so with the interpretations that I had in mind. So here is my journal. Enjoy.

forrestgump2 forrestgump3 forrestgump4 forrestgump5  forrestgump6 forrestgump7 forrestgump8forrestgump9

Thank you, hope you enjoyed looking through it.

2D | Visual Journal: MARK MAKING TOOLS

Here are my mark making tools:

I wound together a ball of wool and wound more thing string on top of it to create more textures with the print.



I tore up gift paper into small pieces and bunched it all together to form a “paper brush”


3. Chinese brush


Ink used: Chinese Ink

Marks made by tool 1.


(left) rolling the handle between my palms
(right) sideways rolling of the tool diagonally across the page


(left) dotting action of the tool’s tip across the paper
(right) dragging the tool in lines across the page both horizontally and vertically

Made by tool 2.


(left) swiped the paper brush from the center of the page outwards
(right) repeated circular and round patterns


(left) same as above
(right) randomly swiping the brush with an upward stroke


played around with different amounts of ink

tool 1 and tool 2


(left) used both tools to create this mark
(right) further explored with the density of marks with tool 1

tool 3


(left) pressing down the brush at an angle in different shapes (right) mixed both tool 2 and chinese brush for different shapes


(left) tool 2 used to swipe across the paper
(right) rolled the chinese brush across the picture


(left) chinese brush and tool 2 medium (right) chinese brush in an upward downward motion across the paper