in Proj2b Organic Type

TYP0 1 | Project 2b Organic Type experimentation

The in class exercise was to come up with a type based off a chosen quote.

The quote I chose was “I like my tits being out.” With this, I wanted to play with funky representations of using fruits or other forms to represent this boobs idea. I played around with different fruits and vegetable forms, manipulating it to have similar attributes from the shape of boobs.

However, I decided to standardise with a papaya because I felt it would be more consistent and then I started drawing out different cuts and cross sections of the papaya, manipulating it to the idea of boobs and further embellishing it with nipples. Why papaya? Because that colour is close to that of ones skin and would be fun and interesting to shade and colour!

I drew everything out in pencil first and then lined everything with a black pen.

After lining it with black pen, I traced it out on tracing paper, and in order to transfer it to another sheet, I used a black pastel to colour the back in order for easy transfer. 

So here’s what part of the trace looked like, but I didn’t like the final finish and I wanted to experiment more on what other organic types I could create so I pushed further and tried other things which you can take a look at my next post.

toodle noodles
hope you enjoyed this