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Que Sera Sera: Progress

So here is my progress for the four occupations that I have in mind!


a3zekto6lvencll7bse8hp-650-80 signpainter-housescript_font_preview

For the ballerina occupation, I went to research some of the best cursive fonts out there on the web. So I decided I would try to experiment with one that was less fancy than the other. I also experimented with the thickness of the ribbon as well using one that was thinner than the other. Here are the results!

ballerina-1 ballerina-2

So the top one was using an existing font called Noelan Script and directly copying the font style, whereas the bottom one was using the Sign Painter font however I manipulated it a bit to give it a more flow composition.

Feedback: Take photo and play with the lighting to further enhance or show the mood of ballet perhaps?




As for my astronaut occupation, I stumbled upon this interesting paper cut out concept and liked how they used the context of space and made the words not flat but float. I also figured a more solid and rounded and bold font would work better for this occupation to represent the planets that are in space. So here are the results!

astronaut-2 astronaut-1

So the one at the top is actually and entire font I made myself and decided to replace the letter A with just a triangle because it sort of looks like a spaceship shape! I also tried to kept the pointy edges but I think I feel that it was a little too overdone especially with the letter E. So the bottom, I actually cut out a little at the bottom of the letter A so it looks more recognizable, and also this font was actually the Halis Rounded font however I manipulated it a bit and made it a little thicker. I also played with the background decided which was more suitable.

Feedback: The letters all look the same now, so may be change the individual letters to show near and far like in space? Also take out the unnecessary and just keep the stars and all.

Tattoo Artist


So for the tattoo artist I was little lost but I researched and found out that Inked Script is one of the best and easily recognizable font that is used. I decided to try out with photo shop to see if it would work.


Boo! Haha the end result really doesn’t look as legit as an actual tattoo. I added in the redness to show the rawness and condition of the skin just getting inked. So I have decided I will draw on my hand directly and take a photo.

Feedback: Tattoo is such a broad area that ultimately, if you are a tattoo artist you would want to showcase your best work? So maybe can go more crazy and out there and develop own drawing or font instead.



For this occupation, I decided that this font, Volstead actually reminded me of like those rock star signature fonts? And I had to use a cursive font as well as my idea revolved around that.


So this is currently my idea, it is manipulating the Volstead font slightly into the guitar amplifier cable. I feel like it is a simple concept but it is easily recognizable what occupation this is! May be i’ll add in more like a collage kind of feel like those rock posters.

Thats all!



Sound & Touch : Research

Before jumping into the project, it is only fair to know basically how do humans hear and feel.




When we hear a sound, this is what actually takes place:

  1. Sound waves enter the ear canal and cause the eardrum to vibrate.
  2. Vibrations pass through 3 connected bones in the middle ear
  3. This motion sets fluid moving in the inner ear.
  4. Moving fluid bends thousands of delicate hair-like cells which convert the vibrations into nerve impulses.
  5. Nerve impulses are carried to the brain by the auditory nerve
  6. In the brain, these impulses are converted into what we “hear” as sound.





Your somatic sensory system is responsible for your sense of touch. The somatic sensory system has nerve receptors that help you feel when something comes into contact with your skin, such as when a person brushes up against you. These sensory receptors are generally known as touch receptors or pressure receptors. You also have nerve receptors that feel pain and temperature changes such as hot and cold.

Q: Whats the similarity between frogs and us?!

A: Both frogs and human have the same organ parts! We both have eyes that can see underwater. We both also have vocal chords and also many other organs which have similar purposes. 

Que sera, sera : Research

Typography! Well I thought before I jumped into my occupations I’d take a look at Pinterest because its such a great place to get inspired and get ideas rolling in. Instead of immediately thinking of an occupation, I decided to look at the different mediums already explored first.498c38db84f16c23f6675e0b467038ca a902bb34e5fbcd75d70b1cd2fb524f27 c72b94b31569e77c187bdc714abbf581

So my four occupations are musician, tattoo artist, astronaut and a ballerina!


1aca84ec4860b35e23d3e06aef79c95c 01f13f639d706981a7320648efbe9b1a 5cf319e0d227aa9d71a4071e00ab532a 75009a907182eac753ba17045aa8834d

As for musician, its very easy to manipulate the typefaces into individual instruments, and since I put musician I can either go into a specific kind of play around with all at one go. I think this typography will look nicer in black and white and clean style.


6e696d43b68eff5cece99b30e2548933 9d80bd51a784812e86ca0876fe67cf26 24bafb5e08efc3153f994a8e68df2bd0 35b9971f4158b7bec4369a870324e635

With the astronaut occupation there is a lot of things I can play around with such as dealing with gravity and making the letters float, or the texture and colours of the planets and such.

Tattoo Artist:

77cf639ff6a14d6fd53e83b6e9809e74 055010b163883133d82367cc55bcba1b

As for this occupation i feel like i have to play around with both the typography and photo manipulation in order to get the content out. Also, tattoo has a lot of typography itself so maybe it is better to focus on those that are more easily recognisable as a tattoo font.


6de47cc7f783f239f7d8418167955ec0 96643358c4789ef753847299b4c65b15 aa5539d8fbb5624c598b83da52ed3d13 debcfc60d832a67e670024fca6fb4bd4

For the role of the ballerina, I feel like can play into the material and also they always seem to associate the brushstroke font to a ballerina. The movement of the ballerina can also be manipulated into the fonts.

Okay gonna start ideation now, bye!

Scent-ses: Chocolate experiment and Research

Chocolate tasting experiment!

A (rank #3) – unpleasant!


  • deep dark scent
  • scent reminded me of Toblerone, so expected a sweet taste
  • shape implied was like those normal milk candy, rectangular
  • bitter upon biting
  • weird spicy after taste

B (rank #2) – meh


  • dark chocolate smell
  • texture feels sophisticated
  • circular shape remind me of the cheap chocolate coins
  • taste what i expected, no change in experience

C (ranked #1)- amazeballs


  • crumby on one side, smooth on another
  • textured side reminds of potato chips, immediately pleasant
  • chocolate side melts immediately upon eating
  • sweet then salty
  • has something different which is the crunch sound

Pleasant Scent:

My pleasant scent is this perfume which has a very sweet, lingering smell. It is  a halal perfume and its scent reminds me of being in the mosque and feeling very serene, safe and calm.







Unpleasant Scent:

My unpleasant scent is cat food. It has a very overpowering pungent smell and the memory it evokes just reminds me of cat puking or the unpleasant things they do.







Fun Facts about scent and memory!

  1. Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell which is linked to pleasure, well-being, emotion and memory – handy when you want people to buy your products.
  2. One of the most evocative smells from childhood is crayons.
  3. The sense of smell is the first of all our senses to develop. Even before we are born, our sense of smell is fully formed and functioning.
  4. The human brain can process roughly 10,000 smells in an area the size of a postage stamp, each triggering a neural response.
  5. The answer to the question, can you smell in your sleep, is quite simply, no. As it turns out, the phrase wake up and smell the coffee is more true than you would imagine. When you are asleep, your sense of smell shuts down. You can only smell the coffee after you have woken up.
  6. Your sense of smell accounts for 75-95% of the impact a flavour has. Without being able to smell the difference between onion and potato, it’d be difficult to tell them apart.


Project 3: Ego – Inspiration, Explanation and Process.


i got my inspiration from a tattoo artist that i liked called nouvelle rita, and an artist called Alex Pardee! Nouvelle rita displayed the kind of illustration i always do and felt like i would like to go into that form since i was very familiar and comfortable with hand drawn illustrations. Alex displayed the weird, quirky style that i always admire!


what i found interesting about nouvelle rita was that she illustrated everything black and white but with the smart use of a certain colour, she manages to change the context and meaning of the tattoo and it really inspired me to do the same.






I didn’t manage to capture my process nicely and totally forgot when I was so into illustrating each piece (haha) but here are a few photos! I didn’t use normal thread but a thicker one and stitched through cartridge paper. To make the composition more interesting, I manipulated the thread and left some hanging and stitched them into two different ways.

img_0440 img_0441 img_0442

End Result –

sneak peak of one of my drawings! i’ll upload the rest on a separate post while explaining what each of them mean.