Project 3: Ego – Inspiration, Explanation and Process.


i got my inspiration from a tattoo artist that i liked called nouvelle rita, and an artist called Alex Pardee! Nouvelle rita displayed the kind of illustration i always do and felt like i would like to go into that form since i was very familiar and comfortable with hand drawn illustrations. Alex displayed the weird, quirky style that i always admire!


what i found interesting about nouvelle rita was that she illustrated everything black and white but with the smart use of a certain colour, she manages to change the context and meaning of the tattoo and it really inspired me to do the same.






I didn’t manage to capture my process nicely and totally forgot when I was so into illustrating each piece (haha) but here are a few photos! I didn’t use normal thread but a thicker one and stitched through cartridge paper. To make the composition more interesting, I manipulated the thread and left some hanging and stitched them into two different ways.

img_0440 img_0441 img_0442

End Result –

sneak peak of one of my drawings! i’ll upload the rest on a separate post while explaining what each of them mean.


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