Mood board & Bio Mimicry

For the mood board of the kind of aesthetic and style I was going for my garmet I feel I very drawn towards the juxtaposition between something very fitting and sleek and something a bit more structural. I like how these structures seem to inform a more insightful purpose with the garmet. How something oversized can be used for cover or protection depending on the material being used. Yet the sleek and fitting portion of the garment makes it look very doable to wear everyday. I’m also drawn towards a more muted tone such as white, grey and black and I feel the simple colour helps to bring out the structure already and any bright colours would be too distracting.


Dictionary result for biomimicry

  1. the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes

Biomimicry has long been an inspiration for many designs and looking at nature it is often forgotten that we can learn a lot from them as they have been on this planet for so long. One particular type of ability nature has that we humans do not necessarily have is crypsis, or in more simpler terms camouflage.

Human beings have some methods to try and camouflage themselves whenever they feel uncomfortable. We run away, hide ourselves, hug ourselves and use other means to make ourselves feel better. Therefore, my ideation will be using the use of mimicry of crypsis from nature to help one cope with the stress of needing to feel comfort and have a sense of safeness and privacy in an open place.

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