Process: Deriving emotions from mono prints and hand drawings

Olla! Here is an update on how I have managed to derived a few of my lines from a combination of trial and errors which includes mono printing, decalcomania (my own method) and also some hand drawn ones as well!

Scan 6
scan from monoprint
Scan 6 zoom
zoomed in on small blotch
Print 2
final photoshopped strip

To my surprise upon doing one of my mono prints, was that after scanning it looked like rubbish to me. I thought I couldn’t possibly can anything nice out of this scan. However upon zooming closely into a tiny blotch of paint, I was excited to see ‘nerve-like’ texture in the paint! I then decided to put that section in photoshop and adjusted it even more to emphasise on the ‘nerves’ and try to make it decalcomania since I was leaning towards that. This strip represented the emotion envy because when someone in envious of another person, you can feel the emotion twisting up and your nerves about to explode.

Notebook 2
decalcomania with thread & acrylic in notebook
Notebook 2 zoom
one of the imprints zoomed in
Print 6
photoshop of final print using decalcomania and inverse

For my trials with decalcomania, I was pleasantly surprised as well. What I did was to mix white glue and acrylic paint with a little water and paint onto the cartridge paper. Afterwards, i let some loose thread in a random way and folded the paper in half and left it to dry for awhile. Upon peeling, it left an interesting print but peeling the thread out from the paint also left an interesting imprint. So what I did was to inverse the entire scan and repeated it into a pattern to make it more decalcomania.

Scan 9
monoprint with my mark making tool
Print 15
final photoshopped strip

As for this strip, I used the mark making tool that I made that consisted of a brush being tied with a string and two different type of feathers at the end. For this print, I merely twisted the tip of both the feather end in a circular motion and found out that I liked the result it gave. I then proceeded to photoshop and repeat it to make it more decalcomania.

Print 8
emotion: irritaion
Print 9
emotion: exasperation
Print 10
emotion: arousal
Print 11
emotion: anxiety
Print 14
emotion: joy

Finally these are some of my hand drawn strips that are being scanned. Although I preferred to leave it hand drawn, Enhancing it just a little brings it out better.

What I have learnt at this end of the project is all the different and diverse ways one can play around in achieving different results and effects and some times digitally enhancing it a little really helps. It has taught me to not look at the big picture, but zoom in and discover the possibilities that can be obtained from what it seems like pure mess.

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