“Sound Shirt” Helps Deaf People “Feel” Classical Music

Believing that each person should have the right to experience music, the orchestra came up with the idea for the Sound Shirt. After six months of research and development, the shirt, and the orchestra’s stage are equipped to allow even the deaf to experience their performances.

First, microphones are arranged all over the stage to pick up the individual instruments. The recordings are sent to Sound Shirt’s software, which converts the sound into data. The data is then transmitted directly to the shirt.

As the orchestra plays, the motors are activated, and vibrate with the intensity of the music, allowing the wearer to feel the encompassing sound of the full orchestra.

I am very interested at how wearable technology is enabling a better life but also helping those who are less capable in experiencing such emotions and situations finally not being left out. The technology I aim to use I hope will enable to help the user feel better in some sense in whatever issues they might have in their daily life.

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