Soundscapes and In class Activity!

Here are my two soundscapes represented by the pleasant and unpleasant sounds, pleasant being the waterfall sound and the unpleasant being the feet dragging.


Because my sound had a very grainy texture, I immediately thought of sandpaper. The bigger sharp holes represent the squeaky part of the shoes or the start of the shoes dragging where it is more dominant. The longer torn out part represents the echo of the dragging feet. I also sanded the entire of the sandpaper because there is a certain white noise.


As for my pleasant sound,  I decided I would cut wavy slits on transparency paper as I felt that it was the most suitable material that represented the softness of the water. I also varied in the cutting making very thin ones with thicker on in between as at certain points, the sound of water is quite loud when dropping. I like how the material is when light acts on it and it sort of moves as it really gives the feeling of water flowing!

For the in class activity, we played around with more materials to get ideas for our sound texturizer. So here is my idea:

img_1620 img_1621

So what I made was like a contraption for surround sound? The top photo shows the right hand side of the headset that I made that if you listened to you would hear it as very near. Then the bottom is the side of the headset where if you listen to it would be far away. If you actually turn around it sounds quite interesting. Playing with space, near and far, atmospheric.

Also me and Candy experimented and found out about a diy ruler organ!

ruler-organWe played around and figured that the metal ruler actually works better. But i think the concept of playing with the same material but different distances or even the vibration the material makes.

Thats all!

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  1. The idea of toggling between near & distant sound is interesting… Do not be fixated with the form of the headphone image just yet though. Try out the organ idea with different material strips. Can you calibrate pitch through altering the lengths of the strips?

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