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Curvilinear Volumes: Sketch Models and 2D Sketch Analysis


For my first sketch model and analysis, I have to make the subordinate which is the cone smaller and slender so it can protrude through 1/3 of the disc to be seen.


For my third sketch model, I have to reduce the cylinder to half its size to make it more like the sub dominant while the cone, I plan to make it a little more short and broader to make it more dominant.


For my last sketch model, I have to reduce the sphere to half its size to make it even more prominent.

In conclusion, I plan to use my first sketch model for my final as I think it has the potential to be a very interesting composition!

3D Object of Interest


My 3D object is a seashell keychain. This seashell is an example of a natural 3d form. It is interesting as nature is able to take its own course into forming a natural composition of the dominant, sub dominant and subordinate. The large smooth and polished surface represents the dominant of the entire form followed by the a line slowly spiralling in the centre forming the sub dominant. Upon reaching the centre where the spiral is tighter is forms the subordinate which draws your eye attention to it. All three compliments each other nicely giving it an interesting 3 dimensional form.

It is made out of the natural shell material but further polished to make it less fragile in form as seashells break easily. It is aesthetically pleasing and makes a good function for hanging your keys or even just as a keychain.