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Que Sera Sera: Progress

So here is my progress for the four occupations that I have in mind!


a3zekto6lvencll7bse8hp-650-80 signpainter-housescript_font_preview

For the ballerina occupation, I went to research some of the best cursive fonts out there on the web. So I decided I would try to experiment with one that was less fancy than the other. I also experimented with the thickness of the ribbon as well using one that was thinner than the other. Here are the results!

ballerina-1 ballerina-2

So the top one was using an existing font called Noelan Script and directly copying the font style, whereas the bottom one was using the Sign Painter font however I manipulated it a bit to give it a more flow composition.

Feedback: Take photo and play with the lighting to further enhance or show the mood of ballet perhaps?




As for my astronaut occupation, I stumbled upon this interesting paper cut out concept and liked how they used the context of space and made the words not flat but float. I also figured a more solid and rounded and bold font would work better for this occupation to represent the planets that are in space. So here are the results!

astronaut-2 astronaut-1

So the one at the top is actually and entire font I made myself and decided to replace the letter A with just a triangle because it sort of looks like a spaceship shape! I also tried to kept the pointy edges but I think I feel that it was a little too overdone especially with the letter E. So the bottom, I actually cut out a little at the bottom of the letter A so it looks more recognizable, and also this font was actually the Halis Rounded font however I manipulated it a bit and made it a little thicker. I also played with the background decided which was more suitable.

Feedback: The letters all look the same now, so may be change the individual letters to show near and far like in space? Also take out the unnecessary and just keep the stars and all.

Tattoo Artist


So for the tattoo artist I was little lost but I researched and found out that Inked Script is one of the best and easily recognizable font that is used. I decided to try out with photo shop to see if it would work.


Boo! Haha the end result really doesn’t look as legit as an actual tattoo. I added in the redness to show the rawness and condition of the skin just getting inked. So I have decided I will draw on my hand directly and take a photo.

Feedback: Tattoo is such a broad area that ultimately, if you are a tattoo artist you would want to showcase your best work? So maybe can go more crazy and out there and develop own drawing or font instead.



For this occupation, I decided that this font, Volstead actually reminded me of like those rock star signature fonts? And I had to use a cursive font as well as my idea revolved around that.


So this is currently my idea, it is manipulating the Volstead font slightly into the guitar amplifier cable. I feel like it is a simple concept but it is easily recognizable what occupation this is! May be i’ll add in more like a collage kind of feel like those rock posters.

Thats all!