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Props as Signifier

Hey! For the class activity we did, the object that I brought was a feather. It was actually modified whereby the tip could hold a pencil led but it fell apart. It is something close to me as I like feathers and before, it was a functional pencil which make it even more meaningful to use just like the olden times how people wrote.

Object as an Icon


For this photo the feather is an icon because I took a super close up shot of the soft and pull apart parts of the feather whereby feather is an icon for being soft, light and almost ways white. It is the ends at the side where one would usually run their fingers across.


For this photo, I shot the feather floating on water as an icon because it mimics a swan often seen, pure and white on the surface of the water floating gracefully so the feather translates that meaning of it.


As for my last photo, I took a shot of just my hand holding my feather as an icon in its literal form, people often take it as a tool for writing in the olden days then until now.

Object as Signifier


When I saw Danielle wearing her white shoes and saw my feather was the exact same colour, I immediately thought of the Nike winged sneakers and thought it would be a funny new meaning to a plain old feather. Its funny cause the actually Nike feather sneakers looks too much to wear about haha.


For the second new meaning, I got the help and took a low mid range shot of me using the feather as an access card. I thought it would be fun as in the world of magic and wizards like Harry Potter, feathers are often associated with and to combine a modern aspect for the access to the olden part of the feather is quite fun.


As for my last meaning, I thought it would be different as since the feather is already used as a physically tool for writing on paper, why not make it be a modern tool for writing like a stylus for the phone.