VC II Project 2: Research and Drafts

In the second project, I initially wanted to do a kit of some sorts or a publication. However, my target audience is mostly on their phones and online, thus, I decided to do a website instead. I wanted to go along with the theme of the infographic. The space themed, and at 3am I was thinking on how to do the layout when it hit me that I was going to do it in a game-like way, with different islands to visit.

Thus, came layout and graphic planning. (The images are in chronological order of how they were conceptualised)

Initially I wanted to present my website in print format. But after the last consult with Michael he suggested I make it live. Even though it was extremely challenging, I am glad I undertook the challenge. There was so many restriction and resizing issues.

I’m grateful my friend introduced and gave me a crash course on how to use it. But due to the nature of my graphics and the placement, in the end I still struggled a lot on how to get it done with what I learnt about the builder.

Look at the amount of math I had to do to give myself more playing space. Super proud it actually materialised.

For the second article, Michael suggested I do something to promote my item. Intially I was thinking of crazy ideas like art installations. However, after consult, I realised it was really a bit farfetched. Thus, it was reduced to a standee. But I felt like there should be something given, so at the last last stretch, inspiration came for a condom packaging. Choosing to place the graphics I have on my website onto the packaging I was hoping it’ll attract the users to visit my website.

All in all, I am satisfied with the risks and challenges I undertook for this project. I tried website building and product packaging, two things I’ve never done before.

VC II Project 1: Infographic Process

After narrowing my topic down to sex education, I decided to so some research on the topic.

I read an article on how to make a good infographic, and I realised that infographics are not about cramming information into a graphic, but about sending a general message through cleverly chosen and presented information. I sifted through the amount of information and statistics trying to figure out how to organise them into an infographic that could send a message.

Initially I wanted to do a cause and effect to show the consequences of bad sex education. I was trying to think of a theme that is interesting to present sex in a non confrontational way. Then it hit me, the idea of women are from Venus, men are from Mars, and thus, a space themed idea.

Once I thought about it being space themed everything came together. The idea of sex being “unexplored territory” and all that.

However, after consulting with Michael I rethought the ideas and simplified the amount of information I was presenting. Instead of doing cause and effect, I was just going to present the consequences.

And from there I developed it further. For the last class discussion this was the infographic I printed:

I think the class was receptive to the imagery and the colour themes. But the feedback was that it looks too much like a poster instead of an infographic. Thus, I worked towards adding icons and finishing the colouring in for the graphics. I considered just playing with outlines but I wanted to play with more colours.

From there I finished the final idea, which will be in the final post.