HELLO! my name is

We did a little exercise to kick start our 2D Sem 2 course! It was an exercise used to present three characteristics of ourselves, using type/ or symbolism in “HELLO” name tags.


My first characteristic is Cynicism. I created an extremely colourful background filled with swirls, something that mimics the look of lollipop representing the sweet and innocent. My name then acts as “cynical filter” to destroy all the colour that is shown behind it, this is the way I presented my cynicism.


My second characteristic is me as a social chameleon. In different company and social situations, I behave and act according to how my surrounds are like. Therefore, the empty bottle represents me as a vessel, carrying and transforming according to what (people and circumstance) is “poured” into me.


The last characteristic is me as someone would is rather private. However, I do like to talk to people a lot, so I represent the outgoing part of me as a colourful triangular pattern used to hide a more serious side of me, as represented by my hidden name in the background.

This concludes my Hello my name is project. Looking forward to working on the firstproject of 2D 2!!