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Project 1: Initial Stages – Research

Back in 2D second semester!! For the first lesson, we were given the brief for our first 2D project, and tasked to research certain topics. The topic I chose was Dada-ism.

Dada-ism is a Switzerland artistic and literary movement that doesn’t focus on aesthetically pleasing objects but making works that generated difficult questions about the society, the role of the artist, and the purpose of art.

Hoch is a German photo montage Dada artist. She is concerned with the issue of gender and the figure of woman in modern society.


I like how the artist uses surrealist and dada-ist techniques to create meaning in her artwork. For example, in the above artwork, “Untitled, From an Ethnographic Musuem”, she distorts the female figure with an exaggeratedly large eye to suggest how society judges women as though they are looking at a piece of sculpture, objectifying the female.¬†


Furthermore, in this painting she placed two cut-out Germany statesmen, looking comical in their swimsuits in a setting of embroidery-pattern background, sending out a message of how the statesmen were unaware of the political and financial problems faced by Germany and its citizens.

I think that both the art movement and this artist i researched on has extremely interesting styles and techniques. However, whether I will end up using them in Project 1 requires more thought.