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VC II Task 1A: Exploratory Research – Exploring the What, Why, Who, and How

1.What are some of the current issues confronting our world today? Amongst them, what is of interest and a cause of concern to you? (250Max)

Sex Education

This encompasses the most basic information about basic human reproduction and how to make informed choices, and have healthy relationships with the self and others. It could also be expanded into topics of knowing how to give and acknowledge consent, sexual harassment, as well as, awareness of STDs and HIV.



Stress Management

Stress from life, school, decisions, choices, it’s prevalent today, especially in Singapore’s fast paced environment. Different age groups face different problems.



Self Esteem/ Body Image

Is common, especially affected by family, media, and society.



Social Interaction

Many people face this, and sooner or later some people learn and some people don’t. I faced this as a teenager and wished that there was something to help me.





2.Why is the issue important? Who does it affect and how? (200 words)

This issue is important because it affects everybody, reproduction, sexual intercourse is such a natural human process and need. However, the negative effects and problems arising from bad sex education are extremely hard to quantify. They are reflected in social issues like unprotected sex, lack of awareness about consent, harassment. All these problems could be avoided if the root problem is tackled, healthy and non-avoidance of sex related topics. There is a need to embracing sex and sexuality as a natural process of life and not treat it as something taboo.

3.Who do you need to communicate to, and why? (150 words max)

 I think I need to communicate to the youth and young adults. Because these are the most impressionable ages, yet still more mature ages. I’m thinking of a more global design and target audience but if to tailor to local needs, I think a tongue in cheek approach and maybe using relatable design can make sex a less taboo topic in Singapore’s still rather traditional and conservative society.

4.How has visual communication contributed to address the cause?

I really like especially the type of the project, how it relates to body parts or sexual objects. The simple text also makes it easy to comprehend.

I like the informal use of language because it makes it very relatable. The tone is non judgmental and targets real concerns one might have towards sexual issues.

The graphics here are bright and visually attractive, the cuteness of the subjects also makes it attractive to a younger age group.