4D: Impossibilities of a Being


The concept behind these 90 images was the travel of time and space through passage ways such as doors and portals. These are used to tell the adventures that I had or imagined for myself. The first transition would be to my past adventures through the door, where you could see photographs of my childhood self and the adventures I had when I was a child. The second transition would be to an imaginary word such as the “paper world” through the train passageway, where the character drawn portrays me and my adventure in this world. It is done through stop motion animation to show my interest in this field of arts. The last transition would be the adventures of different personas through the portal from the “paper world”. These images were used to show how people, like myself, dreamed or wished to be like other people or have their lifestyles and adventures.


My inspiration for the third transition was from this artist called Joel Robison. His works, such as the above, influenced the concept of my third transition to use chalk art to engage people.

My takeaway from this project was learning how to transit from one stage to another and also the combination of different styles such as stop motion animation into photography to make it more interesting.

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