I never really quite liked visiting museums as I find them to be boring. However, when I first saw this piece of work, it sort of changed my opinion about museums partially. I really do love the medium used (acrylic) and this medium allows myself to be more relatable(?) to the work due to my fondness for painting. Also, given its large scale and the different elements in the work, it intrigues me to find out more about it.

Initially, I thought the paintings were all about Singapore and its history and culture due to me having this mindset that Singapore Arts Museum displayed artworks by local artists or works relating to Singapore. Also, given that Singapore is a multi-racial society, the Bahasa Indonesia language depicted in one of the paintings did not make me doubt my thinking that it was not about Singapore at all.

After reading the description about the work, it was rather shocking to me that it was about Indonesia’s history of colonialism and her road to independence. Knowing that, some paintings were a little clearer to me in depicting what they wanted to tell, as I did study Indonesia’s history of colonialism and independence in my JC days.

All in all, I think that this is a really amazing piece of work and if I could I would love to take some paintings home.



SUZANN VICTOR – Bloodline of Peace

When I first saw this installation, I just thought that the artist was trying to create the stars/light effect as this installation was under this project called Five Stars (I can’t remember but it was something along this line). I totally did not notice in the middle of each plastic square was a drop of blood.

So after reading the description, I came to realise how the heck did the artist find all these people and get a drop of blood from them. It really amazes me at the lengths that the artist was willing to go to put up this installation and I found this work to be very meaningful. Though I still do not understand why the installation was built in that kind of movement even after reading the description, however, I could really feel the blood (literally), sweat and tears of the people who built Singapore from scratch and it makes me appreciate what I have now.

This perception also occurred to me that the light emanating from the structure containing the drops of blood could be to signify the prosperity that the country has seen as a result of it.

Overall, the museum wasn’t as boring as I expected it to be. It’s got some cool stuff worth seeing.


  1. Will be great if you can provide a brief description of the work to offer more information.
    “Bloodline of Peace” is a mixed media installation by Suzzan Victor. The work utilises….”
    Hope the visit will spark more curiosity in you about musuems 🙂

    Good job!

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