For this assignment, I chose Holland Village. Why Holland Village was because it brings back my CJ memories where we would come to this place once in awhile to hang and chill. I have not been here for quite awhile ever since I graduated from my school and hence I decided to revisit the place for this project. Also, Holland Village is known for its cafes and food, and given that Singapore is a food haven, I thought it was suitable for this project. In addition, Singapore is heavily influenced by different cultures and countries, and Holland Village is the perfect example of Dutch influences.

During the A levels period, I would come here early in the morning to study in a bakery called Provence. There cinnamon buns are the best I’ve tried so far, and so is their chocolate bread.


I’ve always wanted to try this cafe, but I haven’t got the chance to.


I came across this artwork while exploring and it immediately caught my attention and I did not see any wall mural before on my previous visits. Beside it, there was a small description of the artwork and it was actually done by an NTU ADM student for an SG 50 project. Basically, it is about how cats have become common sights at hawker centres and like eating out has been made more enjoyable by them, so the artist dedicated this wall mural to these lunch buddies.



And I found a cat soon after I saw the wall mural!!


As time passed, Dutch influences began receding but the most prominent feature that still showed that Holland Village was heavily Dutch influenced was the iconic windmill and the Holland Village shopping centre. I thought that it was really pretty and unique.

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