These are my three designs for HELLO. (I do not have the actual template so I drew out the template myself.)

The first design is just my name in my normal handwriting and a few fauna around it. I do love designs with nature as I find them to be very simple yet elegant at the same time, that was why I chose to draw leaves for decoration.


The second design is a person with a cap (me) and the clock shows 4am. It basically portrays my attitude towards work accurately and all the time: last minute. I have a severe problem of procrastination and no matter how long the duration of a project is given, it would 70% of the time be last minute work.


The last design was done by adding a lot of water to black ink and letting it flow to the sides by tilting the paper. I wanted to show that I am an anything person, like I like to go with the flow and decision making isn’t really my thing as I do not really care about a lot of stuff.


All these are done in black and white as these are my favourite choices of colours to work with.

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