Point Of View Process

How I went about with this project was that I started brainstorming for objects I wish to use, keeping in mind selecting objects that would have a variety of point of views. Some objects that I was keen on doing were alcohol, books and handphones, as these objects carried with them a wide selection of point of views for me to choose.


However, I got stuck on how to portray these point of views as I had a problem of making things too literal. I came up with a few sketches for my different objects to see which would come out the best, and to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with any of them.


Choosing handphones would be the easiest as there are a lot of things to talk about, its apps, its features. However, after consultation, it seemed that alcohol would be the best option as not a lot of people would think of using it and it can portray kind of a dark side. So, I decided to stick to alcohol and try my best to portray in a unique way.


These were the latest point of views I had for alcohol.

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