Interactive Environments & Experience Design

The presentation in class by the guest lecturer was indeed insightful. In particular, his suggestion to allow two participants interact with one another to create art allowed another dimension in my thoughts for the iLight proposal.

I met with the leader of the IEM team to convey our discussions in class, so that the IEM side can understand certain aspects of our angle taken for the iLight proposal. I shared with him the interaction design and i believe he was also impacted greatly by the additional ideas that could potentially be implemented.

One of my ideas to him was to allow various participants in contact with the motion sensor plates to create different colours using bit-wise activations. For example if there are 8 plates, which gives rise to 128 different possibilities of bit combinations. These can be mapped to colours, and if no one steps on the plate, it gives 0000000 mapped to white, where the jelly fish will be white colour. 00000001 may be mapped to red and so on.

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