AStar Next Generation Wearables Proposal Day


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Funding under the domain of RIE2020 (Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 Plan)

Main focus is to concentrate on what is holding the community back – Stay away from a collection of gadgets

3 Primary Areas of Focus:

  • Sports and Athletic Monitoring
  • Health and Wellness
  • Visualization system – Google glass(consumers don’t want) These aids heat up(Fog) Heat , Short lifespan, privacy (xray capability), high price

form factor – form and interface

energy supply n power delivery – battery life

sensing modality signal integrity – Technology embed in fabric, sensing capability, advanced signal processing

Data handling – measure parameters 1 or more – storing information and info extraction

Example 1

The electronic skin concept : Super skin – Prof Zhenin bao, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

  • Integrated sensing skin (touch, biological and temp)
  • Temperature sensing built on flexible and stretchable substrates that are biocompatible and biodegradable powered by stretchable solar cells and batteries.

Downside : organic sensing conductors – low mobility

Example 2

Prof Ali Javey, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

  • Capability to detect biochemical components related to sweat
  • Sophisticated biochemical monitor
  • Smart wristband flexible sensor array

Downside: Tight cuffling in order to measure and process sweat information (Sodium, chorine, lactose, glucose etc)

Example 3

Prof John Rogers, University of Illinois

  • Flexible sensors
  • Detect lactate glucose and water
  • Use iPhone/smart phone to read out color associated with chemical reaction

Downside: Signal processing information

Example 4

Bio Skin : Prof Dae Hyeong-kim, Chemical and Bio Engineering

  • Impressive tactile form factor

Collaboration follow-up: 7 – 8 page ppt document if interested comprising:

What is the problem?

The idea to solving the problem

What milestones planned to measure if success – quantification

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