FYP Presentation 4

ppt4-01 ppt4-02 ppt4-03 ppt4-04 ppt4-05 ppt4-06 ppt4-07 ppt4-08 ppt4-09 ppt4-10a ppt4-11Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes

ppt4-12appt4-13Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes ppt4-14

Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes
ppt4-15 ppt4-16 ppt4-17 ppt4-18 ppt4-19 ppt4-20 ppt4-21 ppt4-22 ppt4-23


Presentation 4 Feedback:


  • Life is not just based on “Hi” and “Bye”. There are more complex messages.
  • Whatsapp messages are private and solves the problem
  • Feels that messaging/communication via light does not make sense > Complicated
  • Should be making life for deaf people easier than making it harder
  • Light communication is getting deaf people into a ghetto
  • If looking at emotional, can look at vibration and warming up > there are already products like this in the market
  • Deaf people should not be spending time to think of color combinations – light combination is not efficient
  • Doesn’t have suggestions at this moment going forward > because he doesnt see the point of using light in enhancing communication or creating a different kind of communication.
  • Interesting research/inspiration does not correspond to the developed form
  • Try to see if it can be developed into anything that can be done without a device > a device that is not a device but wearable that is part of the body



  • Chameleon project with army
  • Color changes with color injection microbes – Adapts to surrounding
  • How to create a vocabulary with this light messaging > How many colors can they use?
  • Use color and emotion : 3 Red lights to say “I love you to the sky”
  • Look at other physical feedback that are available to deaf people > Sight and touch



Perhaps having a fixed(specific) setting, environment or purpose to the product

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